What is a show?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
December 19, 2014
What is a show?

The word "show" today is found everywhere: in everyday life, in the media, in literature. And they use it both in direct and in figurative sense. Let's see what a show is and when its use is appropriate.

The direct meaning of the word "show"

The word "show" is borrowed from English. In the literal translation means "presentation", "show". This word today is called the majority of large-scale entertainment events, as a rule, broadcast on television, radio and Internet channels.

Shows are staged in nature. They can be music, light, ice, dance, laser, aviation, car, etc. For example:

  1. Modern television is just crammed with all sorts of humorous, musical and talk shows.
  2. "Russian Knights" will be the main participants of the air show on May 9 in Red Square.
  3. At the graduation party, parents surprised teachers and students with a real congratulatory show.

The figurative meaning of the word "show"

In a figurative sense, the word "show" is used to denote deliberately indicative or bright and loud events.Calling this incident any incident, the speaker expresses his, as a rule, frivolous, ironic or skeptical attitude towards them. If earlier in this sense the word “performance” was usually used, now it is increasingly replaced by the word “show”.

For example: "In quarrels with his wife, he was most annoyed by the shows she arranged with smashing dishes and sobbing for hours on end."

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