What is a muse?

Every person faces different words, which seem to him and are familiar, but he can not give an exact definition. In order not to get into a mess, you need to know about their meaning.

From this article you will find out what a muse is.

The meanings of the word "muse"

The word muse has several meanings, on which its use depends in context. Let's dwell on each of them in more detail, so that later do not make a mistake.

  • Muse - Greek word, which in translation fromthis language means "thinking". In ancient Greek mythology, the muse is the daughter of Zeus and the Titanides of Mnemosyne, in some sources of Harmony. These 9 goddesses live on Mount Parnassus and are patrons of the arts and sciences. It was from the word muse that the word "music" originated, which originally meant not only music in its present sense, but any art or science that was associated with the activity of the goddesses. The mosques were dedicated to temples called museion. From this word there was a word "museum".
  • Muse is a source of poetic inspiration. It appears to cultural figures in the form of a woman, a goddess in light clothes, which inspires them to create immortal works.
  • Little is known, but the muse is also a generic or familial name for a bananna, as well as its tropical plants.

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