What is a howitzer?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
December 19, 2014
What is a howitzer?

Few civilians know what a howitzer is. Initially, a howitzer was called a weapon intended for throwing stones.

Currently, this type of artillery gun for shooting from closed firing positions is distinguished by the following combat characteristics:

  • Caliber: from 100 mm and more. The howitzer has a rather short barrel from 15 to 30 calibers.
  • The rate of fire is high. Older models range from 0.5 - 1 to 6 shots every minute (depending on caliber), while modern ones can make up to 12 volleys.
  • The range of howitzer combat previously reached 17 km, and now this distance exceeds 50 km. The angle of elevation when shooting reaches 75 degrees.

Howiters of the modern type are self-propelled in contrast to their mechanical predecessors.

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