What is a dispenser?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
March 26, 2013
What is a dispenser?

Now we are surrounded by a huge number of household appliances, and with it appeared and incomprehensible names of various parts. Much we do not know, especially the new items. Today we will talk about what a dispenser is and what is done to it. Dispenser - this is the latest technology that is designed for bottling water. There are several containers that spill, cool and heat the water. Thanks to this machine, you will always have hot water with a temperature of 91 - 95 ° C for making coffee, tea and soups.

Dispenser Functions

What are the functions of a dispenser?

  1. Cools: the liquid is cooled to a specific temperature in the desired range, +5 - + 14 ° С, many of them have water temperature adjustment.
  2. Performs compressor cooling (cooling, similar to that used in refrigerators, it also has an adjustment of the temperature of the liquid, and cooling occurs very quickly).
  3. Performs electron cooling (due to the semiconductor thermoelectric module, the water in the tank is cooled).

Coolers (another name for dispensers), which have compressor cooling, are often made in the floor version. This is due to the fact that their assembly requires bulk parts.

Dispenser in bread maker

And what is the dispenser in the bread maker? This device is necessary so that all the ingredients on time and automatically added to the mixture during cooking. Therefore, when choosing a bread machine, pay attention to whether it is possible to add different ingredients to baking. Thanks to the dispenser, you put all the additives you need and do not worry about anything else, because the furnace itself will perform the task.

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