What is a decoy hunting?

Often it turns out that, going to an experienced hunter is simply forced to use not only the gun. Newbies in this business are also obliged to know what a decoy is, since you should always prepare thoroughly for a hunt to be fully armed. And this automatically means that in addition to camouflaging and stuffed animals, you may need a decoy.
what is the decoy

What is a decoy?

This is an electronic device or a natural wind instrument that mimics the sound of a certain animal or bird. It serves to lure animals during a hunt. With this semolina, a hunter can extract sounds, very similar to the signals of his future trophies, and the effectiveness of the hunt will directly depend on the ability to handle this thing.

What is a decoy? This special device not one millennium helps hunters. Archaeologists have excavated almost primitive primitive hunting artifacts that only vaguely resemble modern ones. But the functions remain the same: with the device, you can simulate the cry of certain individuals, and knowledgeable hunters have the art of imitating many.what is the decoy

Wind instruments for hunting

There are 2 types of semolina: brass and electric. The first acts by imitating the speech apparatus of an animal or a bird — for example, a duck. Its structure, as a rule, is similar in any model. This is primarily a resonating chamber, divided by a partition, with an elastic plate inserted into it - a tongue. He, as in a wind instrument, is responsible for creating sound. The intensity of the air affects the timbres with tonalities. Materials for the body are used different: wood and acrylic with polycarbonate. And the decoys are divided into single-tongue and dual-tongue. The first serves high sounds, demanding high skill, and even the beginner can use the second.electronic decoy

Electronic decoy

This is a playback device, similar in function to the player. The memory base has a stock of sounds that were recorded in natural conditions. Modern devices of this type are quite simple to use. They have charging batteries and speakers, and the output sounds reproduce quite accurately, without distortion. In addition, the database can always be changed to another, if you, for example, are going to goose, and not to duck - but there is a certain limitation in using the device. So what a decoy is, you already have a bid.And which is better to take - electronic or brass - you will have to choose yourself, according to your skills and preferences.

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