If the relationship with the person did not work out, and you want to forget it, you need to approach the issue with the utmost seriousness. Especially, if your former lover dared to betray you or quit.
We will tell you how to forget it forever, and share the secrets of how to do it correctly and for the benefit of your personal life.

How to forget a person when you have so many connectionsHow to forget a person when you have so many connections

How to forget a loved one?

Thousands of women around the world are asking this question. And in Russia - especially, because the percentage of divorces is growing. If your relationship with the “dream man” did not work out, and it seems that life without this person is impossible, you need to find a way out. To get out of this situation is not easy, but it is possible and, of course, necessary.
The first is to analyze what caused the gap. If it was a simple quarrel from scratch, and you don’t remember its reason, even after a month, then it is worth going to reconciliation: a loving person will understand you. If the relationship came to a logical conclusion,you are no longer drawn to a person, or, even worse, he no longer has strong feelings for you, you should not impose yourself and pull the strap of a relationship alone. It will not lead to anything good.
How to forget a loved one?
First of all, you should realize that the relationship is over, they gave you a lot of positive and negative emotions, but now this will not be. It is worth thinking about your future life and try to forget the once beloved person. However, you should know that this process may take some time. To get started, prepare yourself morally. To do this, follow your next tips.

How can you forget the former?

Moral prepare yourself. First of all, drop all regrets. Now it seems to you that with the end of a relationship, the end of everything has come. But it is not. After some time, you will see that everything is just beginning for you.
Forget the person - ahead you have a new better lifeForget the person - ahead you have a new better life
Try to abstract from the situation and your feelings. Analyze in a relaxed atmosphere your relationship with this person. Recall all the positive and negative points and give them a rating.
Focus on those moments and traits of the character of your former loved one, which upset and upset you. It does not prevent them from slightly exaggerating in order to make them even more unsightly and repulsive.
How to love yourself?
Now try to realize that you are really lucky that this person has left you. Now you do not have to suffer from the fact that he is disrespectful to you or has a strong addiction to alcohol and nightlife!

How to forget a guy: active measures

To forget someone, you must to some extent forget yourself past, because all the memories are directly related to you. You were their participant. So, if you and your environment become different, then the memories fade.
Begin by getting rid of those things that serve as a reminder of a non-established romantic relationship. If you are not ready to get rid of these things radically, just remove them from your field of vision. However, this period should be short. Try to minimize it. You need to start with the old love sms and other messages.
Think of yourself - stop thinking about the formerThink of yourself - stop thinking about the former
The same applies to things in the house.Replace them with new ones if possible. So, instead of the sofa cushion with the image of a tiger, which your lover so adored, get a large pillow with a contrasting pattern. It can be an image of flowers, an avant-garde design or just stripes or a bright cage.
Give yourself a rest. Finally, turn on your favorite comedy (by no means a drama), which raises your spirits, and arm yourself with a glass of expensive wine. Arrange a pajama party with friends or alone with yourself, if you do not want a noisy company.
Do what you didn’t allow yourself before. He forbade you to go to the gym, so how many men are there? Now buy a subscription to the best sports club. Finally, do what you have dreamed of all your life, be it a parachute jump or scuba diving into the depths of the sea.
How to become beautiful?
Change your style and hairstyle if possible. Make sure that you yourself, when you see yourself in the mirror, are pleasantly surprised. Will you let the beauty that you see in the mirror sad and suffer? However, do not take radical steps. Do not dye your hair green. Stay yourself, but update your “plumage”.

What if the former calls?

You need to know that your ex may unexpectedly let you know by call or in person. Most likely, this will happen at the moment when you already feel relief and freedom. Surprisingly, men feel it. What to do? The main thing - do not lose composure and stick to the chosen course.
If you have firmly decided to forget it, gather and hold the defense. Agree, it would be foolish to demolish everything that you have already built after he left, even if you just packed all the old things into the bag to throw it away.
If you do not have the heart to speak with the former calmly and confidently, you can simply not answer calls and SMS. Let him now going through and nervous. But imagine how proud you will be if you can talk to him as if you are happy and not worried about your breakup!
Do not answer the call if you do not want to talk to the formerDo not answer the call if you do not want to talk to the former
So, if you still decide to speak, first breathe, but not deeply, but stretching inhale and exhale. This will help you calm down. Answer only those questions you want, ignoring words like “I miss you so much, let's forget everything” and others like that.
Try to keep talk time to a minimum by pretending that you are in a hurry (and in general, they are very busy and happy with life). If suddenly the old feelings begin to wake up, immediately remember all the bad things that this person did to you and those traits that you had to endure.
When, finally, the conversation is over in your favor, sit down and rest. This is your victory, and you deserve all praise. When you come to, complete what you started - throw away the ill-fated bag and sign up for a fitness center.
When a relationship ends, and people part, one of them is always a little harder. Especially hard, if he was the victim of betrayal or treason. They say, “time heals”, but in fact it is not so. To cope, you need to do. It is necessary to take all possible actions to raise yourself to another level, where there are no memories of this person and torments about the former relationship.
When you go to this stage, you will understand that it is not so important to forget a person, how important it is to remember yourself and devote time to yourself. In addition, in the opinion of the editors of uznayvse.ru, the new love is sooner found by the one who was abandoned. So you are still waiting for a new relationship.

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