What dreams of dirt?

Vladislav Rogovsky
Vladislav Rogovsky
August 3, 2012
What dreams of dirt?

Dreams are a direct reflection of our inner world, worries, concerns and values. Very often, through sleep, our consciousness tries to reach out to us and sometimes show obvious facts. It is for this reason that our ancestors devoted so much of their time to the interpretation of dreams. In this article we will do the same, namely answer the question of what dreams of dirt.

Firstly, the dirt in a dream can symbolize the excessive saturation of everyday life with unnecessary details.

Another reason to sleep on a similar topic may be the loss of friendships or the recent unpleasant moments in family relationships.

If unkind rumors soar around you, then it is likely that in your dream you will see how the person who spread them walks through the mud.

If you dream of a situation in which the dirt is on the clothes - your reputation is in danger.

The laundering of dirt in a dream foreshadows victory over the slander of enemies.

Perhaps with the help of signs of sleep you can better explore yourself and your inner world. Who knows, maybe sometime with the help of the "prop of sleep" you will manage to avoid a big catastrophe.

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