Why dream of a flat?

Daria Kudrina
Daria Kudrina
August 6, 2012
Why dream of a flat?

Sometimes we dream of things and objects that are difficult to interpret unequivocally. For example, housing, house or apartment. Did you dream of a flat? What would it mean? Different dream books give their interpretation of this dream.

Why dream of a flat? The dream-book of Tsvetkova says the following: if you dreamed that you were renting an apartment, this was for a new occupation; pay rent - to be separated from each other; if, on the contrary, you receive it, it is a return to the forgotten.

The Dream Trader interprets a dream like this: too luxurious apartment dreams to poverty; repair symbolizes the move. If you get an apartment, then this is a marriage, marriage, and if you are moving into a new dream - a new period in life, a change of plans. Rent or rent an apartment - to love affair.

According to the esoteric dream book, an apartment means living space, and the wider it is, the wider is your living space.

The newest dream book says that an apartment is dreaming of an illness, usually a cold, and Universal believes that an apartment is a two-sided symbol associated with both private property and cohabitation.Its value is your desire to communicate, but with the preservation of its independence.

What dreams of a new apartment

All the same esoteric dream book connects it with new life horizons. Furnishing this apartment means mastering new opportunities for applying one's own forces.

The dream book of the Wanderer agrees with the esoteric and says that if you move to a new apartment, this means a new period in life, as well as a change of plans.

What is the dream of another apartment

If you dreamed that you are not in your apartment, what is waiting for you in real life?

Dream Interpretation from A to Z associates such a dream with the imminent betrayal of a person close to you, and this betrayal will not be with anyone, but with your best friend.

Eastern dream book believes that to dream of an unfamiliar apartment - to change. The fact that they will be - good or bad, you will tell the interior of the apartment.

According to the Modern Dream Book, seeing a girl in someone else’s apartment foreshadows a speedy marriage, and a woman - the appearance of a lover or a date with him. For a man, this dream is a sign of love affair.

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