What is the dream of sex?

August 6, 2012

In the book "Finding meaning in dreams," J. William Damhoff gives data on the manifestation of sex in dreams among men and women. So, participation in sex of men - 93%, participation of women - 68%. Observation of sex in a dream: men - 7%, women - 32%. Statistics states that at least 4% of women's dreams and 12% of men's dreams are about sex. But what is the dream of sex? We read below.

Sex dreams

So what's the dream of having sex? Different interpretations are possible.

  1. In a dream, you enjoy intimacy and enjoy. This means well-being in a real relationship. If it is unpleasant for you, beware of the moral and ethical problems that you will create for yourself.
  2. Watching the copulation of others - think about your attitude to life. Perhaps to build personal happiness you need to change this attitude.
  3. The noble dream book of N. Grishina responds to what the sex girl dreams about. Rather, it is waiting for disappointment in love.
  4. Dreamed of sex with a married woman - expect the fulfillment of desire.However, be careful, it (the desire) may be associated with some danger.
  5. Having sex with a loved one foreshadows a romantic evening.
  6. Communion with the father means honor, the opportunity to be the chosen one of fate.
  7. Dreams of sex with a mother have a double meaning. They can mean affirmation of one’s personality or success in life, but connected with dark paths.
  8. Sex in a dream with a friend foreshadows participation in a mysterious successful business.
  9. Coitating with a stranger promises success in matters open, not hidden.
  10. Sex with my sister to increase strength.
  11. Dreaming about intercourse with brother - get good help from relatives.
  12. Sex with a sales woman - foreshadows happiness, subject to destruction due to illness.
  13. Having sex also dreams of getting satisfaction from the implementation of their own plans.
  14. Great success awaits a man who dreams of having sex with a very beautiful woman.
  15. A dream about sex with her daughter: with an unmarried one - to her wedding; with a married - to her divorce.

And, of course, you yourself can interpret your dream.

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