What does a vagina look like?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
April 9, 2013

A large number of women, at least sometimes, but wondered what a vagina looks like. Allow your sexual partner to open your labia, and that he looked a little inside.

What a vagina should look like

“Vaginal vault” is the name given to the widest part of the female vagina. “Vaginal Barrel” is the name of the narrowest part of the female vagina. In appearance, the vagina is supposedly closed, its walls are very tightly adjacent to each other. On average, we can say that the depth of the female vagina reaches about 9 centimeters, while the front wall is about 1 centimeter shorter than the back. If you want to know more about what a vagina looks like, a photo on the Internet will help you figure it out.

Approximately 1 centimeter, the cervix is ​​stretched inside the uterus. Your partner will be able to feel it if she inserts her finger directly into your vagina. Some women may be excited if, during sex, their partner holds the cervix and seems to rotate it.And some believe that from a physical point of view it is very unpleasant. The lower and upper parts of the cervix are known to you as the fornic reflux. The posterior fornical reflux is deeper than the front one. And precisely, in the rear, during the usual sex, is the manhood of your partner.

What does a virgin vagina look like

In girls who have not yet fully completed their sexual development, the vagina is partially closed with a hymen (known also under the name hymen) or, they say, a month-long membrane. The hymen, in most cases, breaks when the girl first enters into sexual relations. And now, from this came a lot of myths and interesting marriage rituals. For example, after the first wedding night on the bed of the newlyweds they are looking for bloodstains in order to make sure that the girl was a virgin. Scientists conducted surveillance and special cameras that were installed in the female vagina, showed that the discharge formed by the walls of the vagina itself. When you begin to get excited, the “vaginal barrel” releases fluid droplets that form a continuous layer that covers your partner's penis during sex.

Other changes occur in your vagina just before making love.Ladies, your vagina is universal! It is no less complex and surprising than the male penis. The fact that it is located inside, not outside, does not mean that it does not have its own form and value. It is all unique and important. When you are excited, your vagina changes its shape, as does the male sexual organ. Remember, the vagina is an independent, very flexible organ. Thanks to him, you and your beloved partner, you manage to receive a lot of positive and surprising emotions.

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