What does a tattoo dream about?

In the modern world, tattoos have ceased to bea sign of a person with a previous conviction. Tattoos are now pierced by masters in tattoo parlors, and drawings on the body can be equated to masterpieces of painting, thanks to the latest technologies for their application. Bright and voluminous, the artist's finest work of tattooing, tattoos dazzle on the beaches and on the streets on a hot summer day. They are no longer covered with a T-shirt by a man, and women, on the contrary, hide a luxurious butterfly under a light chiffon or lace ruffle to surprise their Prince when the "shoe has to be pinned" ... It's no wonder that tattoos have been stirred not only in reality, dreams of citizens with a heightened sense of beauty, and not only. Why dream of a tattoo, which the sleeper sees in a dream on himself, on someone from around him or when he tattles the figure on the body?

What can a tattoo dream about if the sleeper sees it on himself

Very strange, but most of theToday's day of dream-books is repeated with one voice: you will have to leave your home. For a long time, for short - here the dream books "diverge in the testimony." Some say that for a short while, others "drive" you out of the house forever. What is the reason for such an interpretation of a tattoo that the sleeper saw on his own body? The logic of the dream books is completely incomprehensible, and whether to believe in their interpretation of this dream is the right of the awakened. After all, for someone - leaving home will be a joyful event, and someone - it would be better not to wake up after such a dream. For example, a girl in marriage is more likely never to return to her parents' home, and a draftee of such a dream interpretation will be frightened in earnest ...

  • Gypsy dream book explains the short and clear meaning of sleep - a tattoo on the body of a sleeper says that he can never keep the secret that he knows.
  • "A great universal dream book for the whole family" O. Smurova warns of close monitoring of the sleeper. Perhaps, an admirer. And thereupon demands to behave more modestly, because not only admirers, but also tax authorities can observe.
  • Wangi's dream interpretation also warns that it is necessary to behave "quieter than water, below the grass", otherwise you can get into a big trouble, since tattooing on the body is a sign of danger.
  • And only the merry Maya in his dream book (I wonder,how did it survive? Ah, along with the calendar, probably ...) argue that seeing a tattoo in a dream on oneself is a sign that you are under the protection of higher powers! And that, waking up, not fall out of the boundaries of divine protection, the Maya is advised to stab in the left buttock some phallic symbol - the personification of power and power.

In my humble opinion, the closest to the truthapproached, oddly enough, an esoteric dream book. He deciphers the meaning of sleep with a tattoo, as inherent, but hidden very deeply the talent of the sleeper that needs to be developed. There is at least some kind of logic: a tattoo is a mark, a sign of the higher forces controlling destinies. Everything immediately falls into place ...

What can a tattoo dream about if the sleeper sees it on others

  • In this case, the vast majority of dream booksalso unanimous - you will be jealous. Moreover, jealousy will be without good reason and reason to face, which you do not even know. Again, the logical chain is not clear, where this interpretation of sleep came from.
  • Freud's "tattoo" in a dream on someone else's body indicates that the sleeper knows exactly what someone really likes, but some rules of decency do not allow him to open this person's own feelings ...
  • The esoteric dream book insists that the sleeper does not really like his own appearance

Why dream of doing a tattoo or seeing how it is pierced

  • Again, most dreamers are unanimous in interpreting such a dream - friends will turn their backs on the sleeper because of his inadequate behavior.
  • Freud in his dream book states that sexualthe life of a sleeper is dull and completely colorless, it is everyday and uninteresting. And gives advice - talk to your partner about the ways of coloring the sex life.
  • And, according to the esoteric dream book, the sleeper will be able to change himself, change his appearance, appearance or image.

In general, dreams with tattoos are not welcomemost sonnics. They still warn of trouble and loss of interpersonal relationships. Although, the esoteric dream book inspires optimism in the interpretation of such dreams.

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