What cleanser is good for "Android"?

When using an operating system smartphonesystem "Android" with time accumulates a huge amount of unnecessary information. These are cache files, obsolete passwords, the history of visits and search, log files, processes and much more. Over time, they all become completely useless, but the devices still remain in the memory. In order for this not to happen, the cleaning programs are used, which remove all garbage from memory. What a cleaner is good for "Android", we'll tell in the article.

Where does the garbage come from?

What is a cache? These are such auxiliary files that all programs store. Cache files include temporary copies of documents that are created in text editors, music played in special applications, downloaded pictures and other files, maps of Google. All this is stored both on the internal drive, and in the operating memory of the smartphone based on the OS "Android." What is it all about? In order to speed up the download of Internet sites and save traffic. After all, not everyone uses unlimited tariffs. This information is needed, but nevertheless it must be periodically cleaned, since there are too many files accumulating. Cleaners easily clean up files that will never be useful for a smartphone, thereby increasing the amount of free memory. Sometimes this volume reaches several gigabytes. At the same time, RAM is freed and the battery life is extended. What cleanser is good for "Android"? What are they anyway?

1 Click Clear

cleaner is good for android

The first program in the review is 1 Click Clear. Its name already shows that only one click helps to get rid of obsolete messages, the history of downloads and visits, cache, call log and unnecessary files on the media. There are no detailed settings in the application, but it is very easy to use. Even a child will figure it out.

The application icon can be transferred to the desktopin order to clear the smartphone from garbage with one click. For the reason that the application was developed by Japanese programmers, the translation is not very correct. The Russian name of the program is "Key cleaning". But this does not interfere with the work. It is very easy to understand it. For many, this is the best cleaner for "Android." The rating of the program is quite high - above 4.

Clean Master

which cleaner is better for android

Probably the most famous, powerful and bestcleaner for "Android" smartphones - this application Clean Master. It includes just a bunch of everything. And the user interface is very convenient and friendly. Here, both the manager of running processes, and the manager for managing applications installed on the device. Clears the program in the truest sense of everything: both cookies, and the cache, and the history of browsers. Cleared even the clipboard and traces that were left in other applications (Instagram, YouTube).

Analyzing the state of the operating system, thisThe utility takes into account files whose size exceeds 10 megabytes. Marking them with check marks, you can easily remove unnecessary. Unlike the previous program Clean Master is able to clean even the device's RAM. It will never be superfluous to clear unnecessary megabytes in RAM. The interesting ability of the utility is to display the full size of installed applications along with their cache files. This cleaner is good for "Android" devices.

App Cache Cleaner

the best cleaner for android

Another cleaner program is AppCache Cleaner. In it there is only one button, which cleans all cache at once in an instant. It is possible to delete unnecessary files on request. In the settings, you can configure automatic cleaning after starting or at a certain time. For some applications (toys or cards), the cache is needed, but you can limit its size so that you do not consume too much memory on the device.

Call Log Monitor

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An interesting tool foroptimize the history of calls and messages, is Call Log Monitor. This application makes it possible to clear all traces immediately after the conversation. All information about the called number is deleted. After the set time interval, all sent and received SMS messages are automatically deleted. An interesting feature is entering a false record in the call log. The log can be exported to a separate file. Settings are password protected. If the user wants, then the application can be hidden from prying eyes. And it will open when you call a special number. Users who ask about which cleaner is better for "Android" in terms of calls, you can safely recommend this application.

History Eraser

History Eraser can cleanall information related directly to the history. These are browsers, call logs, messages, downloads, search in services from Google, clipboard. This utility also removes and cache files, but immediately from all installed programs.

Advanced Task Manager

what is the best cleaner for android

The latest utility in the review of cleaners for"Android" is the Advanced Task Manager. This cleaner is good for "Android" devices of those users who are afraid to remove something superfluous. The application checks the startup log of the operating system and can disable the download of all unwanted processes. This happens immediately after the smartphone is turned on, when it is turned off or on demand at any time. The most important processes are not displayed here. These include, for example, the graphical shell of the system, without which it is impossible to use the device. Therefore, cleaning is absolutely painless.

What is the best cleaner for "Android"? Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the user should approach the choice individually, using experiments. After all, if the installed utility does not suit you, you can simply delete it and replace it with a new one, which, by the way, will help to clean up the traces of the previous program. Do you need such programs? Definitely needed.

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