What can people do?

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What can people do?

Many admire the unique tricks and accomplishments that some people demonstrate. Moreover, most people think that these people were endowed with nature from the very beginning. However, in fact, almost any outstanding achievement is the result of many years of hard work. So let's see what people can do.

The great strong past

And we will start with the achievements of our great heroes - fighters of the classical style, who from the beginning of the 20th century have performed not only in the arena, but also in the circus, delighting the audience with their amazing skill. The most famous among them was the legendary wrestler Ivan Maksimovich Poddubny. Poddubny’s strength was such that a telegraph pole could be put on his shoulders, and 10 people hung on both sides. The bogatyr stood like a rock until the pillar broke.

However, Ivan Maksimovich himself did not consider this something special: the main thing for him was the struggle, but they could not defeat him even when he was already in a very old age. So, in 1939, even the then champion of the Soviet Union, the young wrestler A. Senatorov, couldn’t beat him, and at that time Poddubny was already 67 years old, you won’t believe!

Our famous wrestlers were famous for their numbers. The corporate number of the same A.A. Senatorov was the “trick”, which consisted in the fact that he took a pair of thick nails and flexed them into a fancy knot with his fingers, as though they were not nails, but ropes. And one more of our outstanding wrestler, VG Yarkov (one of the few who managed to win the fight at Poddubny himself) did the following trick: on the summer day he went to the city market (where the circus stopped), chose the largest watermelon his fingers of one hand on top and carried in front of him, not pressing, to the circus.

Nobody could repeat such a number. And once he managed to grab a huge bull in the arena and turn it over himself - by the way, VG Yarkov was the last person to arrange a similar attraction in our circus. Well, breaking horseshoes, tying iron on the neck, folding metal utensils into a tube - all this was just childish fun for him ... And once he saved one of the trainers who was crushed by collapsed heating pipes. He grabbed an armful and threw the pipes, the total weight of which was at least 500 kg!

For comparison: the world record in weightlifting in the sum of two attempts (jerk and thrust) is “only” 473 kg.By the way, since we started talking about weightlifting, it is impossible not to mention the Englishwoman Pat Tombs. Not long ago, she managed to lift a barbell weighing 100 kg. It would seem that there is such a thing, because the world records of weightlifters (for example, our Tatiana Kashirina) significantly exceed the mark of 100 and even 150 kg. However, the uniqueness of Pat's achievement is that at the moment of raising this weight she was ... 66 years old, and she started to do weightlifting when she turned 60 to lose weight!

Not by force of one

Now let us leave people of exceptional physical strength and turn to those who are able to hit others with their endurance. Agree, for many of us, even a couple of kilometers to run is a big problem. But there are people who, in their endurance, are superior even to athletes-marathoners and masters of multi-day cycling. So, in the north of Mexico there is one Indian tribe, the tarahumara (in the local dialect it means "people running"), whose representatives cantarahumararun without rest to ... 700 km at a time! And even the elderly and children of this tribe are able to run 800 km a week. For hunting, they do not need sticks and guns: they simply drive ungulates before losing consciousness, although these animals are famous for their exceptional endurance.However, the hardiest creature on the planet, it turns out, is still a man.

As for the individual representatives of humanity, the record of the representative of Sri Lanka - Joaquim, who managed to stand in place for 77 hours, draws attention. However, the uniqueness of this achievement is that all this time he was standing ... on one leg! But Canadians Shelton and Ash for 10.5 days made only two breaths, at the same time, scientists recorded only 15 heartbeats for each, that is, 1.5 contractions and 0.2 breaths per day. Unthinkable, but true!

The diagnosis is not a sentence

Of course, in our review we cannot but touch upon the unique achievements that people with disabilities have achieved. Probably, you heard about this kind of motor sport, like drifting. Who does not know, I will explain: this is when the turns are made with the help of a controlled drift. The highest scores are given to the one who is able to drive the route along special marked lines in turns at the greatest angle and with the highest possible speed. One of the best drifters in the world is the Polish racing driver Bartek Ostalowski.

And the unique achievement of Bartek lies in the fact that he drives a car ... with his feet, since he had to be amputated his hands in 2006, when he, being a 20-year-old young man, had a severe car accident. However bartek Kayla wheelerdid not give up and learned to drive a car with his feet. And how to manage: few of the completely healthy leaders of the world drifting can compete with him on the track. The 16-year-old American swimmer Kayla Wheeler from the USA deserves attention and successes, setting the Paralympic Games record for the 50-m butterfly. Who does not know, Kayla does not have both legs and one arm.

We also note our swimmer, Mikhail Astashov, who, after an entire year of preparation, managed to win the country's championship among people with congenital defects of the arms and legs. Is it possible after this to call these people disabled?

However, the human race is famous not only for sporting achievements.

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