What is useful squid?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
December 22, 2014
What is useful squid?

Squids - delicious seafood, which, moreover, is easily digested. You can buy squid in any store, but is it worth it to enter them into the diet? To answer this question, you should find out what are useful squids.

Squids: useful properties

Each squid contains a huge amount of protein, vitamins, amino acids and essential trace elements, including E, C, B6, PP, copper, phosphorus, iron. Also part of squid includes polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. Due to its beneficial composition, squids have the following effects on the human body:

  • promote the strengthening of muscle fibers;
  • neutralize toxins;
  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • accelerate the excretion of salts and heavy metals from the body;
  • prevent the development of hypertension;
  • improve memory;
  • have a beneficial effect on mental activity;
  • promote the acceleration of metabolism, which allows you to get rid of extra pounds;
  • normalize the bowels;
  • reduce blood pressure;
  • provide the body with a large amount of energy, so it is better to use squid in the morning;
  • beneficial effect on the urogenital system.

As you can see, squids are very useful.

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