"Wedding in exchange": actors and roles in the film

In 2011 came another romanticmelodrama of young director Dmitry Grachev. The picture was bright, rich, funny. Men call this movie absolutely "feminine" (such an assessment gives a strong half of humanity to the film "Wedding for Exchange"). Actors of comedy are young and very successful and recognizable public celebrities, who have already won the recognition of the viewer.


Dmitry Grachev and today little known to the broadthe viewer. In his arsenal are just four not quite successful at the box office. For the period of filming "Weddings for exchange" in the money box of the director there was only one film - "The Bride at Any Price". Despite his little knowledge among film enthusiasts, Dmitry managed to prove himself among the cinematic parties the creative representative of a new generation of directors.

Wedding exchange actors

It is this reputation that enabled the youngdirector to attract to his project quite famous stars of Russian cinema - Fyodor Bondarchuk, Maxim Matveyev, Ekaterina Vilkov and Maria Kozhevnikova. It was these stars that formed the backbone of the painting "Wedding for Exchange." The actors of the film have already proved themselves in the national cinema with interesting works.


The picture tells the story of the fashion model Sonya,which, despite its popularity, like any woman, dreams of a simple woman's happiness - the family and the beloved by her side. Her boyfriend Ruslan - a successful TV presenter, a star of ethers, does not share the aspirations of his passion. For him, Sonia is a successful couple on secular parties and no more. Ruslan is ready to make an offer to his chosen one, but only in the light of spotlights, since this step raises his ratings.

The bank clerk Sasha in his personal life is also noteverything is smooth. He is modest, kind, but, apparently, his girlfriend is not enough. His beloved Christina, a secretary at the bank "MMM", does not notice him. Christina wants pathos, expensive cars, fame. She absolutely does not need the sincerity and love of her colleague.

Ekaterina Vilkova

Sonia and Sasha decide to take revenge on their secondhalf and get married. And only after leaving the registry office, they understand that a wedding of revenge is a stupid thing. Now they need to learn to live together, having overcome mutual hostility. This is the summary of the comedy "Wedding for Exchange."


As the director admitted, the casting did not last long,images, he and the producers had thought out for a long time, and therefore there were no random people on the court. Each main character, having read the script, did not hesitate to come to the main site to do a real, good movie about feelings. In the melodrama "Wedding for exchange," the actors masterfully reincarnated in their characters.

Ekaterina Vilkova played the main rolesupermodel Sony. As the actress herself admitted, the image of her heroine and in general the story itself she liked, which is why she accepted the invitation to play in this film. It is interesting that the main characters - Maxim Matveyev and Ekaterina Vilkova - already in five films played a couple in love. The guys are so organically looked in the frame that the directors and producers are ready to shoot them again and again.

Exchange Wedding Film

Maxim Matveyev played the main men's game -bank employee Sasha, who is madly in love with his colleague, but she is not so fascinated by her boyfriend. At the end of the story, Alexander manages to prove to Christina that he is not a gray mouse, as she thought, but a romantic.

Fedor Bondarchuk embodied the image of the screen villainRuslan, a smug and successful TV presenter, the son of Sonya, who refuses to go under the crown. Rather, Ruslan is ready to make his famous bride a proposal, but only at the sight of lenses. Sonya, on the contrary, craves sincerity and romance.

Maria Kozhevnikova played the role of bitchiness andan ambitious Christina, a girl in whom Alexander is in love. She does not respond to her colleague, and his offer is rejected. Alexander's broken heart is hungry for revenge, and he decides to lead the first counter to the crown.

Ksenia Katalymova and Ararat Keshchyan played irrepressible agents who try to arrange the life of the main characters.

Reviews of viewers and critics

The film "Wedding in exchange" received good feedbackviewers. Critics have reacted to the release of the film more calmly. Another romantic melodrama for girls who dream of a big and pure love, - so many experts called this picture. Director in one of his interviews admitted that he was not going to shoot some edifying masterpiece. He wanted to shoot a good, modern national cinema, after watching which the viewer will have only positive emotions. Grachev's idea was fully realized.

Fedor Bondarchuk

Interesting is the fact that thanks to the intriguingtrailer, which starred the main character and the most famous actor in the film - Fyodor Bondarchuk, in the first days of the rental picture collected decent cash desks - more than $ 2.5 million.

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