We make affirmations for weight loss

A huge number of diets, all kinds of slimming teas, gels, creams against cellulite ... What modern people do not want to be in good shape! However, most of these methods either do not bring results at all, or change the situation for a while. But there is a very effective way - affirmations for weight loss.

What it is?

Slimming affirmations

This word came from the Latin language and is translated as "confirmation." The thing is
the fact that the repeated repetition of a statement reinforces the image that is created by this phrase on a subconscious level. If the affirmation is filled with positive content, then the mental state improves, there is an incentive for any changes. After all, it has been repeatedly proved that the subconscious mind has a much greater impact on a person’s life than consciousness. The technique itself has existed for several hundred years. In ancient India, for example, the Tattwas were used. They are moods that prepare a person for various difficult life situations, for example, for a fight or the birth of a baby.

Weight loss psychology

We make affirmations for weight loss

As we already understood, affirmation is programming. That is why word forms should be based on a specific formula. First, the utterances should be pronounced in the first person, and the verbs should be used in the present tense. In the end, it should turn out as if you are already in the process of losing weight. And even in affirmations for weight loss, do not forget to add words about health. For example: I lose weight by ... a kilogram, and become more healthy and beautiful. Secondly, the “not” particle is necessarily excluded from affirmations for weight loss. Psychotherapists say that our subconscious mind ignores this word. Therefore, for example, the statement “I do not want to be fat” in the subconscious will be perceived with the opposite meaning. Thirdly, the word form should be short, no more than two sentences. Yes, and the content should be like a person. Fourth, determining how to tune in to lose weight, and helping yourself with this, you can write an affirmation on a piece of paper, arrange it beautifully, and even pick up the appropriate image. In this case, you will not only remember the phrase, but also the visualization method will work for you, which will enhance the effect of the statement.It is necessary to pronounce the word form as often as possible. You can do this both out loud and to yourself.

Visualization and affirmations for weight loss

How to tune in for weight loss

The psychology of losing weight often uses the visualization method as follows: draw the desired picture in your imagination, make it as clear as possible so that every detail can be seen. Draw yourself hands, face, chest, legs and other parts of the body. "Dress yourself" in the desired clothes. Think about how people around will react to this transformation.

Positive thinking

Composing and pronouncing self-affirmations for weight loss, you need to think exclusively about the good, because negative words and thoughts also affect the subconscious. So, for example, if a person says for a long time that he is stupid, he will definitely become so.

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