We go on vacation to Saratov: the tourist center "Avangard"

Sometimes, choosing a place to rest, sometimes forgetthat it is not necessary for new impressions to go for 7 seas. You can have a great weekend or vacation on the Volga. Beautiful views, sandy beaches and, of course, the river itself, can compete with the exoticism of many resorts. It remains only to find a good recreation center, and it's in the hat.

One of the most beautiful places on the Volga isnear the city of Saratov. The camp "Avangard" is located in a protected area near the village. Shooting of Voskresensky district. And this is only 30 km from the regional center.


First of all, everyone who goes on vacation,interests, and where, in fact, they will live. So, to its guests the tourist center "Avangard" offers to settle in one of two buildings or in a separate house. Each of the options has its pros and cons. For example, the rooms in the main building are distinguished by European restraint in design and comfort, corresponding to the international level. Each room has a comfortable double bed, small sofa, shower, bathroom, TV and telephone. For the convenience of the guests there is a small separate kitchen with a fridge and an electric kettle. And, of course, all rooms are equipped with split-systems, which is very actual in the heat.

Saratov tourist center Avangard

But as more and more vacationers preferrest on the Volga, Saratov, the tourist center "Avangard" will be an excellent choice. The owners of the base are pleased to offer their guests rooms in another building - "Samarkand". It differs from the main building - the eastern design and a small distance from the beach. However, living in it will be as comfortable as in the main building. After all, each room also has a comfortable double bed, TV, telephone, bathroom with shower, refrigerator and air conditioning.

Those who would like to feel themselvesindeed in nature, can rent a double or four-bed house on the banks of the Volga. All of them are finished with natural wood and equipped with everything necessary, from a separate bathroom and ending with the presence of a tableware. In this house with comfort can spend the summer a family of 3-4 people, not burdening themselves with trips to Saratov. The camp "Avangard" did everything for this. Why is there only one view of the Volga in the morning!

Tourist complex Avant-guard Saratov prices


It is equally important for holidaymakers to have nearbycafes and restaurants. On this camp site, in addition to the restaurant, in the main building there is a cozy fireplace room, a lobby bar and a summer cafe. It is worth noting that breakfast in the restaurant is already included in the price. But lunch or dinner can be in one of the proposed institutions. So, the restaurant is happy to offer its guests Russian cuisine: soup, okroshka, fish fish soup and others.

Those who would like to spend an evening on the freshair, can dine on the terrace of a summer cafe. All dishes from the menu are also offered here, but you can also drink a glass of beer or a glass of wine, enjoying the beauty of the Volga species. Especially for chamber evenings there are a fireplace hall and a lobby bar. They are designed for a small company, but it makes the atmosphere more cozy and warm.

Avant-guard Saratov hostel reviews


Of course, rest would be inadequate, if not forit was entertainment for every taste and age. This is different from other similar places in the vicinity of the city called Saratov tourist camp "Vanguard". For children there is not only a cozy playground, but also a special game room, in which, by the way, you can leave the child under the care of the tutor. And adults in the meantime can enjoy a stroll through the surrounding area, visit the sauna with a swimming pool or play badminton and other games on the sports field.

Here you can together with older children commitwalking on bicycles, rollerblading or skate. All necessary inventory can be rented or brought with you. In the evening, when it's getting dark, you can play ping-pong or billiards with pleasure, and also show your talent and sing in karaoke. And, of course, at any time you can fish from the shore or boat. This is, perhaps, the main advantage that the "Vanguard" (Saratov) has - a tourist center, reviews of holidaymakers about which only confirm this.

And, of course, the beach

Tourist complex Avant-guard Saratov photo

But rest on the Volga can not be without a beautifulsandy beach. In the "Vanguard" its length is 80 meters. Holidaymakers can comfortably sit on wooden beds under the same umbrellas. Although the purest sand does not interfere with lying directly on it.

Right on the beach are children's and sportsgrounds, an inflatable water park with a children's pool and a floating gazebo. Fans to tickle their nerves can ride on a "banana", "pill" and even fly with a parachute. In addition, it is always possible to rent a jet ski, a boat and a catamaran. Not all recreation centers can boast of the same beach as the tourist center "Avangard" (Saratov). The photos already resting on it are mostly made there. After all, this is one of the most beautiful places in the whole territory.


After it is chosen to rest exactly the hostel"Avangard" (Saratov), ​​the prices for the offered services no longer seem so high. So, accommodation in rooms and houses will cost about 3000 rubles per day. The cost of lunch and dinner in the restaurant and cafe is the same as in most urban institutions of this level. Renting the same various sports equipment will cost no more than 150 rubles per hour.

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