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how to draw a fairy

Who does not remember the fairy tale of Andersen about the magic hill? It tells how a forest king with children and household members hosted an old friend - a Norwegian mountain troll with sons. At the night ball in the forest hill after the moon rising, everyone was invited, even people, but only those who talk, wander in a dream or have some kind of oddities in the same spirit. But they were not invited to a dinner party, because only the most sophisticated society was allowed to the table: the king of the sea with daughters, the old first-level trolls with horns and tails, brownies, water marshs, a grave pig, a dead horse, a church dwarf, and so on. The society of the elect also included fairies. It seemed that they looked like the daughters of a forest king like two drops of water, but only with wings. You can imagine how all of them together, now circling, now flying up, dancing in a forest glade under the moon, paintingly waving scarves woven from evening twilight and thin lunar rays. It is so beautiful, according to many!

If a child asks how to draw a fairylearning to draw fairies

Sometimes fairies are portrayed as young girls, but often as girls with magic wings and a magic wand in their hands. If you read to your child the fairy tales of Andersen or the story of Peter Pena and his wonderful girlfriend fairy Ding Ding, then he will certainly want to portray it. Do not set yourself an impossible task and show your child how to draw a fairy in a simple manner that even a three-year-old artist can do. Prepare everything for work: paper, pencils, gel pens or felt-tip pens. Learning to draw fairies together. Forward to work!

How to draw a fairy: step 1

how to draw fairy tail

First draw a circle. This is the head of the fairy. Now we depict a truly happy face. Why should she be sad? She herself can fulfill any desire! Well, yours if you ask. Now, straight from her lovely cheeks, we draw down two divergent lines and connect them with a rounded line. This is a wonderful little dress of our fairy. Now again we draw two short diverging lines from the cheeks, only this time they are directed upwards. We connect them with a line resembling a rainbow. This is the hair of our cute fairy. Do not forget to give her a charming bow on the top of her head.

How to draw a fairy: step 2

how to draw a fairy

Now you need to draw two loops behind her back (above her head). These are her magical wings. Two lines from the edge of the dress will be drawn for the legs, and two raindrops at their ends will be drawn for tiny slippers. Two more diverging lines from the cheeks - for the hands. At their ends in a small circle. This is the easiest way to draw hands. The final touch - you need to draw a line passing through her cam. This is a magic wand. Draw a star on top. All! You did it! Your fairy is ready for real miracles! And the tail? How to draw a fairy tail? If your child has such a question, it means that he confused the fairy with the little mermaid! Reread with him the tale of Andersen about the daughter of the king of the sea, whose whole family lives in water and doesn’t like to go on land, much less fly. They are with fairies, of course, relatives, but very distant.

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