"Torneo" - elliptical trainer: description, review, types and reviews

Promoting a healthy lifestyle directlytouches the theme of exercise. For many people, the main problem in the transition to such trainings are high loads. Even elementary running or squats can exhaust the body for a short time. As an alternative, you can consider bike paths, but the cost of high-quality equipment is quite high and not everyone can afford. The output can be the products of the firm "Torneo" - an elliptical simulator that provides metered power loads and is inexpensive compared to other varieties of such fitness equipment.

Varieties of elliptical simulators "Torneo"

Thorne Elliptical Trainer

Equipment "Torneo" attracts customers to those,which offers almost the entire range of models and versions of cardiovascular equipment. This applies to elliptical devices. They are divided into two characteristics - the type of drive and the location of the flywheel. In the first case, two types of simulators should be distinguished. This model with a magnetic and electromagnetic effect on the flywheel, which drives the resistance system. The electromagnetic models "Torneo" are considered the most convenient, safe and reliable. The elliptical trainer of this brand is also offered in different configurations for the flywheel arrangement. The mechanical base can be located behind, in front and in the center.

Smooth running and stable operationequipment provide rear-wheel drive devices. Models with a central flywheel arrangement are the most technological and, as a rule, have all modern electronic devices. As for the front-drive devices, they gradually leave the family of "Torneo". An elliptical simulator of this type loses to analogues in reliability, ergonomics and functionality. Now it is worth considering in more detail the models of cardiovascular equipment.

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The Vento series

Start the review is with the budget line "Vento". The simulators of this series have undergone many upgrades, but in all versions they retain quite a wide functionality, convenient control and magnetic drive, which allows them to work without connecting to the network. The features of the latest models of the series include the use of materials manufactured using Ever Proof technology. This determined the high strength of the structure, capable of providing training to people weighing up to 110 kg. At the same time, the elliptical trainer "Torneo Vento" is quite conservative. It lacks advanced electronic controls, so anyone can easily cope with its operation. But there is also one limitation, due to the structural features of the elliptical trainers themselves. The fact is that this type of equipment provides an accurate correspondence of the user parametric data to the design characteristics. In the case of Vento, it is worth considering the restriction on growth - the model is designed for people no higher than 165 cm.

Stella series

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Modification is also focused on massconsumer, although its cost is higher than the previous version due to some additions. One of the main differences is the possibility of training people weighing up to 130 kg. At the same time, the dimensions of the simulator are rather modest, so it can be placed even in a small room. As for the drive, it is electromagnetic with a power supply of 220 V. The elliptical trainer "Torneo Stella" is one of the most functional in its class. At the disposal of the user are 14 modes of operation, among them 5 heart rate programs. To measure the pulse in the process of training, it is enough to look at the sensor in the handrail. Also this model is convenient for those who are just starting to learn cardio. The fact is that it is very important for beginners to have a large range of loads. "Stella" also offers 16 loading modes, allowing you to systematically increase the pace of exercise and the degree of effort.

Premium model

The most functional and attractive in itsopportunities is the "Premium" simulator. At once it is necessary to note that the model occupies an average niche between home units and equipment for professional operation in gyms. The merits of the model include the presence of extensive opportunities for adjusting the parameters of work. In particular, the user has 3 levels of adjustment for the length of the step, and the growth does not matter - the simulator in this sense is universal. And the maximum weight for operation is 150 kg. At the same time, it is also necessary to take into account the cost of this elliptical trainer "Torneo". The price of the version of "Premium" in the most expanded configuration is 40 thousand rubles. For comparison: the model "Vento" is estimated at 10 thousand rubles.

Reviews about Torneo simulators

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Fans of the brand "Torneo" are familiar with allpluses and minuses of its products. According to users of ellipsoids, the equipment of this brand is undoubtedly the most profitable from the point of view of acquisition for beginners and those who decided to do fitness. Functionality, availability of modern sensors for measuring pressure and pulse, reasonable price, perfect design - these are the main advantages for which the elliptical trainer "Torneo" is valued. Reviews also note the negative aspects of the operation of the brand models. As a rule, criticism affects the unsatisfactory quality of assembly of equipment, sometimes inconsistency of technical parameters with official data and a short service life.


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In the market of fitness simulators today you canmeet a huge range of models equipped with the latest devices to monitor health indicators, as well as ergonomic controls. What does Torneo products stand out against? The elliptical trainer of this manufacturer can be interesting with a wide range of training opportunities and an affordable price. So, if it is necessary at home to periodically perform a complex of simple training for the lower muscle groups, it will not be easy to find the models of "Torneo" a worthy replacement. Another thing is that for demanding professionals, perhaps, the additional functionality will be redundant, and the quality of the technical basis will come to the fore. Just in this case, and it is worth taking a closer look at the proposals of other brands.

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