Moved recently to a new apartment in Tula. Outlets as always turned out to be small, so you need to make an additional outlet in the kitchen, the wife asked that everything be beautiful and the wires do not hang around the walls or the floor. Tell me what tool can make a wall in the wall?
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Answered on January 6 22:04
I, too, was laying the wiring in the kitchen for a new outlet. Of the tools was only a drill, I had to use it for other purposes. I took a pobedit drill bit and made small holes in the wall and then connected them with a chisel and a hammer, this was how the strobe came out. The truth was she was very crooked, and she took a lot of time to do this, she would not do that anymore. But help to try if there is enough patience. Of the tools only drill, hammer and chisel.
Answered on January 6 22:11
And when I made an outlet in my apartment, I simply threw the wire below the baseboard. Of course, it may not be as aesthetically and reliably as in a wall, but the option is simple and rather fast and you don’t need a lot of tools. Only drill to drill holes for mounting.And so I can tell you that if you want to do everything beautifully and quickly, then you will need a wall chaser. You can see this tool in Tula, for example, here. Good luck to you.
Answered on January 6, 22:21
I would just ask your electrician for help. So spend less money and save time. And to buy a good wall chaser you need a lot of money, and even for a drill you will have to pay more than an electrician for work, but although a drill is always needed on the farm.

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