The terrorist act in Volgodonsk in 1999

Near the nine-story high-rise was a truck, inwhich turned out to be an explosive. In what year was the terrorist attack in Volgodonsk, we know very well. Let's look at the details. The explosion of the vehicle and its contents carried away 18 people to the next world. 89 victims were sent to the hospital.

How events unfolded

Terror acts in Moscow and Volgodonsk were frequent andAn unpleasant phenomenon of the time then occurred in the early autumn of 1999. The investigators point to the following: these atrocities were carried out on the initiative and on the means of the organization, which called itself the Caucasian Institute. Due to the fault of the Islamic figures Emir al-Khattab and Abu Umar who were at the head of the bloody operation, and there was an incident now known to us as a terrorist act in Volgodonsk.

terrorist act in Volgodonsk

The purpose of the crimes was mass destructioncivilians, in order to intimidate innocent people, to press and influence the authorities responsible for liquidating the devastation created after the invasion of the military detachments into the territory of Dagestan (took place at the end of the summer of the same year).

Attackers who committed an act of terrorismin Volgodonsk, contacted the leaders of the Muslim community under number 3, also called the Wahhabi jamaat. This organization brought a lot of evil at that time. The local chairman gathered the group, whose hands eventually created a terrorist attack in Volgodonsk. The evil figure was called Achimez Gochiyaev. In the past, he traded in construction products in the Russian capital. Then Wahhabi ideas crept into his thoughts. The businessman left the capital of Russia and studied at the Khattab camp in Karachaevsk.

Making Deadly Weapons

An explosive that brought a terrorist attack to Volgodonsk (1999).), was fabricated by the manufacturers of the enterprise for the production of fertilizer mixtures in the territory of Urus-Martan. They invested in their weapons part of TNT, ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder and sugar.

Explosive mixture was presented as sugar attransportation to the territory of Kislovodsk to the base with products. People who committed the terrorist attack in Volgodonsk, drove to the city with the permission of the traffic police officer Lyubichov.

Upon arrival, the mixture was packaged under the guise ofbags with sugar, the surface of which contained the logo of the plant in Erken-Shahar. When the plan was drawn up, the villains were divided into groups and carried the murderous mixture to a number of settlements in Russia.

On the 13th of September in September, a local resident,the Azerbaijani, not being aware of the intentions of the criminals, met people who planned to commit an act of terrorism in Volgodonsk. They bought a man from a man with a false intention to deliver potatoes. Registration of the purchase and sale documentation was decided to be postponed to a later time. GAZ-53, which brought a terrorist attack to Volgodonsk (1999), stood next to the convoy No. 2070. The car was loaded with explosives and installed a device that was hidden under potatoes.

Volgodonsk terrorist act 1999

Preparing for an explosion

One of the cybercriminals named Dekushev broughtthe former owner of the car on September 15 to the convoy to transport the car near Oktyabrskoye Highway. This was to help appear early in the morning to the market for potato trade. At the end of the working day, documents for the transfer of ownership to the new owner were to be issued.

The car was delivered to the entrance. Iskanderov remained her guard while the terrorist left. The vehicle stayed at home all night.

At 6 am the explosion exploded, the car took off inair. If we take as a basis the comparison with the TNT equivalent, the explosive device had 1-1.5 thousand kilograms of power. The facade and two residential blocks were blown up by a blast wave. Cumulatively, fewer than forty houses were damaged. The glasses went up. The whole area rose to his ears, hearing a loud explosion. The debris became a grave for eighteen people. The total number of victims is 15 thousand. More than 1 thousand of them were children.

terrorist attacks in moscow and volgodonsk

Litigation in court

In 2003, a corrupt official, a militiamanLyubichev, received a sentence of four and a half years in prison. Bribery, despite the lack of the required documentation from the driver, is the essence of the charge. Even the transport was not working, but it did not confuse the police officer.

In 2004, another sentence was pronounced. Adam Deckushev and Yusuf Krymshamkhalov went to prison. On their conscience lies the burden of a series of terrorist acts.

Appeal filed by G. Seleznev

September 13th in the year of the ill-fated accidentGennady Seleznev, who took a seat on the Council of the State Duma, made a statement stating that in Rostov-on-Don at night there was an explosion in an apartment building.

According to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, it is obvious hereskips the discrepancy. After all, on Monday Seleznev reported on the explosion, which really happened only three days later. That is, thunder came to the ears of a statesman before he saw a thunderstorm. There are all signs of provocation. A member of the State Duma knew about the terrorist attack even earlier than the servants of the administration in Rostov. So where did he get the information from? And why were no measures taken?

In October, news appeared in the press about the fact that for four days the deputies sat idly by while a terrible diversion was being prepared in Volgodonsk.

Seleznyov explained. He said that he had received a note in which it was said about the explosion that occurred on Sunday. And already following him the following misfortune ensued in the territory of the Rostov region.

in what year was the terrorist act in Volgodonsk

Tribute to the memory of the dead

The authorities honored the final honors inrespect for the innocent victims of the terrorist act. The city cemetery stores on its territory a monument dedicated to this terrible event. Relatives of the deceased and simply not indifferent people can honor their memory in a special square, consecrated in a sign of sorrow.

City cemetery №2 - the last shelter of the deadfrom the explosion in this world. Those sections of the houses that suffered most were demolished, the rest was rebuilt and reconstructed. Now, on the site of the atrocity is a new seven-story building.

terrorist act in Volgodonsk

Life continues to flow in its own way, but the knowledge of the event reminds us how pernicious human impulses can be and how important it is to live in peace.

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