The royal sunny path in the Crimea: how to get there?

On the Sunpath more than a hundred years ago I lovedwalk Nicholas II. What was the last Russian emperor thinking about at such moments? On the fate of his country or the beauty of Crimean landscapes? This we will never know. But, fortunately, we have the opportunity to go on a wonderful route, which ends at the Livadia Palace. About what other sights can be visited while moving along the Tsar's trail, is told in today's article.

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Solnechnaya (Tsarskaya) Trail: How to get there?

Most tourists do not ask this question. The excursion bus takes tourists to the village of Gaspra. And from there to the palace they are accompanied by a guide, on the way telling interesting stories about the Crimean period of the Russian emperor. Register for one of the excursions - the most convenient way to visit the sights of the solar path.

How to get to the starting point of this routeyourself? It is believed that the trail begins in the village of Gaspra and ends at the Livadia Palace. At least, the guides lead their wards usually towards the former imperial residence. Of course, you can go this route in any direction. Prior to the Livadia Palace from Yalta, there is regular bus number 100. From Simferopol to Gaspra village you can get to both the trolley and taxis. But even those who propose to walk along the path to which the emperor's foot has walked, accompanied by an experienced guide, should get a little acquainted with its history.

Until 1917, the Sunpath was called the royal path. After the revolution, much has changed: the purpose of many historic buildings, and their names. As for the path, it became Solar, because all nouns and adjectives, derived from the word "king", acquired a negative connotation. We will begin our imaginary journey along the Sunpath from Livadia. It is here that the residence of Nicholas II is located. But first we will get acquainted with the brief information about the route.

a sunny path to the Crimea

Solar (Tsarskaya) trail in the Crimea

The length of the route is 6.5 km. The trail is horizontal, there are almost no steep descents, swings and rises. Along the way, you can see quite a few exotic plants, trees, bushes. The solar path is also called medical. A walk along the Tsar's trail will bring pleasure even on the hottest summer day. From the rays of the scorching sun will save centuries-old trees, which grow so much here that sometimes it becomes scary.

How to get to the Solar path in Crimea? There is no single answer to this question. After all, there is no exact route of the Tsar's path. It can begin at completely different points, which are at a certain distance from each other, and later have small ramifications. For those who do not know where to start the journey, the Livadia Palace can serve as a landmark.

sunny trail livadiya

A bit of history

A site from the Lower Oreanda to the Livadia PalaceUntil the middle of the nineteenth century, Lev Potocki owned. Later, representatives of the royal family built a residence here. Then there was a need to create a route that would lead from the "Ai Todor" to the palace. The path was laid in 1901. After 16 years the Bolsheviks renamed it, and very unsuccessfully. The sunny road, which leads through the deciduous and coniferous plantations, is difficult to name.

sunny trail how to get there


What's interesting can be seen by going throughroute "Solar path"? The photos presented in this article show the main attractions. On the way, you can also see bizarre figures of wood, a majestic rotunda in which Nicholas II, according to legend, liked to drink tea with his daughters after a long leisurely walk. From here you can enjoy picturesque views of the surroundings. Probably, during tea drinking, the emperor used to treat his possessions with pleasure.

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Being on the rotunda, one can consider in the distancesheer cliff, and on it - a cross. It was once established by Alexandra Fedorovna with Count Vorontsov. True, installed in the early XX century was, most likely, another cross. Because there is information that the former was destroyed by the vandals.

Along the way, you can see anotherThe sight is a wine cellar, which once belonged to one of the Russian princes. He was knocked out in the rock at the end of the XIX century. Today, there are products of the local winery. Walking three hundred meters from the wine cellar, you can cross Alupkinskoe highway, which people have christened "mother-in-law". Where did this name come from? This road is extremely long and has sharp turns. It is better to turn off the highway and visit the temple of Archangel Michael. More details about it are described below.

After visiting the temple, it is worthThe royal path. A lot of interesting things lie ahead. True, there are disadvantages in this route. Every year in the vicinity more and more private property appears. There are new fences, fences. Tourists who have visited here, advise not to postpone for later travel on the Solar path. Perhaps soon it will change beyond recognition.

Walking along the pine avenue, you can see a pointer to the Swallow's Nest. The solar path closes near the sanatorium "Yasnaya Polyana", located near the village Gaspra.

royal sunny path to the Crimea

The Livadia Palace

On the site of this historical monument oncelong were large glades. "Livadia" in Greek means "lawn". The first people, according to historical data, appeared in this area in the third millennium BC. In the XIX century, remains of pottery production were discovered here. We will not present the entire history of Livadia. We will tell you about the times when here for the first time a building appeared, which for two centuries was restored, completed and, finally, turned into a museum complex.

In 1834 the land was bought by the diplomat Lev Potocki. He Livadia belonged more than thirty years. In the sixties this territory passed to the royal family. The architect of the most famous building from located in Livadia became Nikolay Krasnov. According to his project, the White Palace was created, which became the residence of Nicholas II. However, this happened much later - at the beginning of the XX century. Construction was completed in September 1911.

The palace is in the Renaissance style. And it is not accidental. Shortly before the construction began, Nicholas II visited Italy, where he was admired by the Renaissance buildings. The Emperor wished to have something similar in his estate, as stated upon the arrival of Krasnov. The architect immediately proceeded to create a new project. Nicholas II allegedly spent four million gold on the construction of the palace.

Soviet time

After the revolution, the palace was nationalized. Here they placed a sanatorium in the 1920s. The Livadia Palace was visited at various times by well-known personalities. A few years after the revolution, Maxim Gorky visited this place. A little later - Vladimir Mayakovsky. It was here in 1945 that famous talks took place between the heads of the three states.

In the palace you can see two expositions. One of them tells about the course of the Yalta Conference. The second is dedicated to the family of Nicholas II. In 2015, on the territory of the park ensemble, a sculptural composition depicting Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill was opened.

sunny royal path how to get

Church of the Holy Archangel Michael

On the route "Sunny Path" this historicalcultural landmark is one of the most important objects. On the way to the Livadia Palace (or, on the contrary, to the village of Gaspra), tourists usually make a stop at this temple. It was built recently - in 2006. But in place of this temple there used to be a Christian monastery. It was destroyed several centuries ago. The church was erected on the project of V. Bondarenko. Construction lasted only a year.

Church of the Intercession of Our Lady

And this temple has a rather interesting history. It was built by the decree of one of the Romanovs in 1885. According to legend, the Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich himself chose a place for the future church. When passing the royal route, this temple should certainly be visited. In the Crimea, of course, there are more ancient buildings. But the history of this church is closely connected with the family of the Romanovs. In addition, it is mentioned in the famous work of Anton Chekhov - in "The Lady with the Dog".

In the twenties the church was closed, and laterseveral years in the Crimea there was an earthquake, as a result of which the building was badly damaged. Of course, in the Soviet times they did not hurry to restore it. Restoration was carried out in the nineties. In 2001 a bell tower was built near the church.


On the Southern Coast of Crimea tour of the Tsarthe path is one of the most interesting. This is the opinion of most tourists. Do not go on a tour with young children. After all, the road is quite long. But the students will like this trip.

On the trail it is necessary to walk not only withimproving purpose. After all, these are historical places, and here there are not only sights that belong to tsarist Russia. Passing along pine avenues, you can see a lot of different signs, most of them installed in the Soviet era. There are also small sculptures created in the 50-70's. Some have become worthless. In addition, some sections of the route are rather polluted. Nevertheless, the general impression of a trip along the solar path among the majority of tourists is positive.

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