Round-the-world trips on ships, airplanes and automobiles are already common.
But what do you say if you find out that one daredevil decided to go around the whole earth on his own two, and another flew around the planet in a balloon? In this article we have collected the most unusual world travels, committed by desperate brave men.

Air travel around the world

Steve Fossett travels by balloon

American businessman and aeronaut Steve Fossett more than once tried to fly around the Earth in a balloon. He made his first attempt in 1996, flying out of South Dakota. At the border with Canada, the balloon began to reduce altitude - the traveler did not calculate the amount of fuel.
Steve Fossett was able to fly around the planet in a balloonSteve Fossett was able to fly around the planet in a balloon
Fossett’s second attempt was also unsuccessful. This time the ball covered the distance from Missouri to India. For the third time he flew from Missouri and flew to Russia. After two more unsuccessful flights, including a flight over the waters of the Indian Ocean in a storm, Fossett still achieved his goal. In 2002, he started from Australia, where he made the last forced landing, and after 14 days, 19 hours and 50 minutes returned to the starting point, becoming the first person in the world to fly around the entire planet in a balloon.
Fossett circled the planet at the sixth attemptFossett circled the planet at the sixth attempt
Steve Fossett lived a business that he loved, but it also killed him. On September 3, 2007, flying in a single-engine plane, the 63-year-old traveler got into a wind whirlwind. Powerful headwinds caused the rotating propellers to fail, and the plane crashed.

Round the world travel by land

The Journey of Robert Garside

The first person to jog around the world was Briton Robert Garside. He ran out of New Delhi on October 20, 1997, and returned to the starting point on June 13, 2003, breaking 56 thousand kilometers overland.
Robert Garside has covered 56 thousand kilometersRobert Garside has covered 56 thousand kilometers
This record was recorded by a commission from the Guinness World Records Association. It should be clarified that the Englishman jogged only the land, and he swam the oceans on passing ships. Thus, the statement that Garsayd made a world tour on foot is erroneous. Robert Garside received the certificate of record holder only in 2005, since his achievement was thoroughly checked by independent experts. The 40-year-old runner spent 6 years on this journey, and, as he assures, never regretted it: he saw the whole world, and in Venezuela met the love of all life.
Around Garside lasted 6 yearsAround Garside lasted 6 years
“The Running Man” was planning to write a book about his adventures: in China he landed behind bars due to the lack of documents, in Mexico people were trying to rob him with weapons, and in the Himalayas he almost froze from the cold.

World water travel

Ben Carlin's journey in an amphibious jeep

After the end of the Second World War, Australian Ben Carlin decided to cross both the land and water obstacles on one car - a 1942 Ford Ford amphibious jeep, which he bought for $ 900 at an auction in Washington
Ben Carlin traveled the world in an amphibious jeepBen Carlin traveled the world in an amphibious jeep
He tried to find sponsors who would finance his journey, but even in the Ford Company they considered his idea unthinkable and refused. Officially, the couple made the trip, as Carlin took his wife Eleanor along with him; the Around the World was their wedding trip. June 16, 1948, after 18 months of preparation, they started from New York. The first attempt was unsuccessful, as the next five. When the world tour was interrupted for the sixth time, Eleanor returned to her homeland and filed for divorce.
Ben and his wife Eleanor's wedding trip around the worldBen and his wife Eleanor's wedding trip around the world
On May 12, 1958, the round-the-world trip in an amphibious jeep was nevertheless completed. It cost Ben Carlin 35 thousand dollars and 10 years of life. In total, the traveler traveled 62 thousand kilometers by land and 17 thousand by water.

Tour Heyerdahl on a papyrus boat

In early 1969, Thor Heyerdahl, an archeologist and writer from Norway, set sail from the shores of Morocco along the Canary Current. He wanted to demonstrate the reality of transatlantic sailing trips.
Tour Heyerdahl's transatlantic journey on a papyrus boatTour Heyerdahl's transatlantic journey on a papyrus boat
The first boat with the symbolic name "Ra" collapsed in the water due to strong winds. Heyerdahl and his team almost drowned. The second boat "Ra-II" was waiting for success - it reached Barbados, thereby proving that the ancient navigators could cross long distances, despite the imperfect construction of boats and the many dangers that lurked in the sea.
Boat "Ra-II" Heyerdahl reached BarbadosBoat "Ra-II" Heyerdahl reached Barbados
Heyerdahl described his journey in the book “Expeditions to the Ra”, as well as in a documentary film shot together with the Soviet journalist and traveler Yuri Senkevich.

Jessica Watson on the Pink Yacht

This world tour would not be in the category of unusual, if it had not made such a young lady. Australian Jessica Watson was only 16 years old when she decided to cross the planet on a yacht alone. Being engaged in sailing since childhood, she owned all the necessary skills for such a dangerous event.
Jessica Watson made the Around the World in 16 yearsJessica Watson made the Around the World in 16 years
A pink yacht named Ella’s Pink Lady left Sydney Harbor on October 18, 2009, a month later she crossed the equator, and on January 13, 2010 she reached Cape Horn. May 15, 2010, after 210 days from the beginning of the journey, the girl reached the starting point, having overcome 9,800 nautical miles (18 thousand km).

Single circumnavigation of Fedor Konyukhov

Fyodor Konyukhov is a Russian traveler, who has made 5 voyages around the world, including the first single round-the-world cruise in the history of Russia without sailing on a sailing yacht. Then on the 36-foot yacht "Karaana" he made the route Sydney - Cape Horn - Equator - Sydney, which took 224 days.Konyukhov’s voyage began in the fall of 1990 and ended in June 1991.
Fedor Konyukhov on the rowing boatFedor Konyukhov on the rowing boat
He later crossed the Atlantic for 160 days (from December 22, 2013 to May 31, 2014) on the Turgoyak rowing boat, setting a record for crossing the ocean alone. Such high results Fedor Konyukhov, master of sports in sports tourism, has achieved thanks to good physical preparation.
Konyukhov - master of sports in sports tourismKonyukhov - master of sports in sports tourism
Among other achievements, Konyukhov became the first person to visit the North geographical pole, the Southern geographical, the Pole of relative inaccessibility in the Arctic Ocean, the Pole of height and Cape Horn three times.

The most unusual trip around the world

The crew of the American nuclear submarine "Triton" in 1960 made an amazing journey around the Earth. February 15 submarine plunged into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and after 9 days reached the island of St. Peter and Paul in the waters of Alaska, from which began its round-the-world scuba diving. Cape Horn was designated as a point of arrival.
World tour in the submarine "Triton"World tour in the submarine "Triton"
Only once, off the coast of Uruguay, the submarine was forced to rise to the surface of the water in order to transfer the sick sailor to the doctors. The submarine deviated from the set course, because of which the voyage of the submariners was not officially registered.
The submarine rose to the surface off the coast of UruguayThe submarine rose to the surface off the coast of Uruguay
The route chosen by the team repeated the journey of Fernand Magellan (1519–1522). So, the submarine successfully passed through the Pacific and Indian oceans, passed the Cape of Good Hope and crossed the waters of South America. By May 10, 1960, in 60 days and 21 hours, the submarine reached Cape Horn, thus completing the first round-the-world voyage perfect underwater. Editorial invites you to learn about.

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