The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma)

In the heart of the city of Kostroma, near Susaninskaya Square, stands the fire tower in its grandeur.

Kostroma began to acquire a modernArchitectural view from the beginning of the second half of the 1780s. The buildings located in the central square of the city complement each other and the architectural styles of their neighbors, but at the same time they are beautiful, unique and separate from each other. These include the remarkable brainchild of PI Fursov - a fire tower.

Kostroma. The transition from wooden stalls to decent

As of 1904, Kostroma was 84%from wooden houses. Therefore, fire departments never sat idle. The most memorable Kostroma fire is one that broke out in May 1773. He destroyed almost the whole city. To combat the devastating elements in the city were built wooden stalls. However, they often burn themselves.

Evaluating the current situation, Governor KI Baumgarten issued a decree:


In accordance with the order, the provincial architect Pyotr Ivanovich Fursov executed the drawings of the future quay.

The project is approved! Be sure to be!

Drawings and estimates, compiled by Peter Ivanovich, were approved in April 1824 in St. Petersburg.

Kalancha was built for two years - from 1824 to 1825th. The contractor responsible for the construction of the main sight of Kostroma in the future was A. Stepanov.

Finishing work was done during1825-1827 in accordance with the sketches compiled by PI Fursov. This involved a team of plasterers, led by A. P. Temnov, and stuccoers from Yaroslavl under the leadership of S. S. Razirznev and S. F. Babakin.

fire tower in Kostroma history

For a long history of its existence, the fire departmentthe kalancha (Kostroma) has undergone a number of changes. Transformations of the original appearance began in the second half of the 19th century. The first thing that has been changed is functionality. In the 1860's, the fire tower was not just a tower for observation - it housed a fire station. Effective placement of the fire unit was facilitated by spacious side wings. They are located along the front of the square and the enveloping streets of the streets.

Simplified in the 1880s "lantern" on the guardThe tower did not take root - in 1956, after another restoration, the upper part of the tower was restored to its original appearance. This happened thanks to the architect GI Zosimov.

The object of admiration is a fire tower in Kostroma

The story says that in 1834 the emperor Nikolai I came to Kostroma on a visit. He admired the exterior and interior decoration of the stall.

fire tower of Kostroma

The fire tower in Kostroma (photo above) bears the proud title given to her by the emperor himself: "The best fire tower of the Russian province". This is the pride of the city.

An unprepared and unaware tourist will say: "What interesting and beautiful can be stored in such a banal facility as a fire tower?"

Kostroma is one of the few tourist sites, where the calancha became the property of the city. It is beautiful at any time of the day: day and night.

fire tower in Kostroma

Outwardly it looks like a fairy-tale palace. And if you do not know in advance what the building is, you might think that the watchtower is the belfry of the temple.

Architectural solutions

Firecracker refers to the style of the lateclassicism. Its height is 35 meters. In a two-story building, everything that was needed for the perfect functioning of the fire brigade was perfectly placed. In the building there were living quarters with stables and sheds for barrels of water.

Kalancha looks like an ancient temple: has a cubic volume and six-column porticos. Behind the columns is a facade decorated with round windows. Looking up, one can see a beautiful two-headed eagle: it is located in the center of a triangular gable.

The octagonal sentinel column smoothly passes to the observation deck (bypass balcony with a lantern). This is facilitated by the presence of an attic floor located above the cornice.

Kostroma fire tower museum

Beautiful architectural style and idealthe location in the center of the city on the main square was determined by the fact that the tower was one of the main symbols of Kostroma. Now it is considered the highest point in the city center.

Destination of a fire tower

The main modern purpose of the building isdecoration of Susaninskaya square of the city. But it was built, not only to please people, but mainly to ensure the safety of the population in the emergence of fires. Safety is the main goal, according to which the stall was used.

fire tower in Kostroma history

It is extraordinarily multifunctional: here there were stables, water storage, garages for service transport, barns, office and living quarters.

In the early 90-ies of the 19th century there wasa departmental exhibition was held. It was devoted to the history of Russian firefighting. Since 2005, the interior of the building has become available for viewing to every resident and visitor of the Russian city called Kostroma: a fire tower - a museum for ten years already. He is in the Kostroma Museum-Reserve.

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The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma) The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma) The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma) The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma) The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma) The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma) The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma) The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma) The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma) The main decoration of Susaninskaya Square - a fire tower (Kostroma)