While one only dreams of finding valuable artifacts, others, armed with tools, are sent to the excavations. The discovery of ancient treasures is always an exciting event. How many treasures have been found in Russia today are difficult to count, but it is worth highlighting the five most famous ones.

The biggest treasures in Russia

Gold Scythians

The vast space between the Danube and the Don is littered with many mounds left over after the disappearance of the Scythian tribes. The raids on the kurgans began from the Middle Ages and the current collection of the Hermitage and other museums is replete with a huge amount of gold items from the tombs of the Scythians.
Treasure gold of the Scythians became notoriousTreasure gold of the Scythians became notorious

Vladimir Golden Gate

According to legends, oak doors were covered with copper sheets with a thick layer of gilding. Disappeared in 1238, during the offensive of the Tatar-Mongolian troops. Legend has it that at the moment they rest at the bottom of the river. Klyazma
According to legend, the Golden Gate in Vladimir still keeps treasureAccording to legend, the Golden Gate in Vladimir still keeps treasure

Kolchak's Gold

Over 1600 tons of gold.For part of the gold Kolchak bought weapons. The second part was found by the Red Army after his detention. And about the third part of the gold reserve there are conflicting rumors, but all traces lead to Tyumen.
Kolchak hid one of the most legendary treasures in Russian historyKolchak hid one of the most legendary treasures in Russian history

Napoleonic treasure

The stolen riches of Moscow were placed on two hundred carts. With the onset of winter, Napoleon's troops returned to France, but the difficulties of movement forced them to get rid of a certain amount of loot en route. On the route from Moscow in the direction of Smolensk, it was possible to discover many values, but the fate of the main part is unknown to our time.
It is not known whether Napoleon’s treasure will be found in RussiaIt is not known whether Napoleon’s treasure will be found in Russia

Treasure hidden by Sonya Golden Handle on Hitrovka

Having a weakness for jewelery, the rogue skillfully appropriated them to herself. It is believed that in the center of Moscow, she hid a huge diamond. The exact location is not known. According to legend, the crook hid him in a samovar, buried next to Khitrovy market.
Secret treasures are also kept in the center of Moscow.Secret treasures are also kept in the center of Moscow.

Top-most famous treasures of world history

But not only in Russia all over the world manages to find hidden treasures.There are legends about them, make movies, write books. Every year thousands of people from all over the world try their luck in search of sunken ships, pirate hiding places, caves, grottoes, and excavations in various parts of the globe. Here is a list of only some of them:

Treasure on the island of Java (Indonesia)

More recently, an amazing find was found, consisting of 14,000 pearls, 4,000 rubies, 400 dark red sapphires, and 2,200 garnets. They were discovered on a ship that sank more than 1000 years ago. Also, treasure hunters found small flasks for spirits, jars of baked clay, dishes, vases of the Fatimid dynasty that once ruled in ancient Egypt. Similar finds of the X-century from sunken ships are extremely rare and this will allow to fill a large gap in knowledge about those times.
The treasure from the island of Java became one of the biggestThe treasure from the island of Java became one of the biggest

Treasures of Tilla-Tepe in Afghanistan

In northern Afghanistan, next to Shibargan in 1979 (a year before the Soviet troops entered), archaeological excavations were carried out under the direction of V. Sarianidi. In six graves, a treasure was discovered, which is a collection of approximately 20,000 gold jewelery. The find consisted of coins, belts, necklaces, inlaid with precious stones, medallions and a crown.

Treasure discovered in Staffordshire

In 2009archaeologist Terry Herbert discovered a treasure dating from the Anglo-Saxon era. The weight of the treasure was 10 kg, and consisted of gold, precious stones, and silver. Items included armor, swords, dishes, religious items.

Pirate Treasure - Florida Beach

In 1984, a treasure hunter Barry Clifford discovered a treasure belonging to the pirates on the Florida coast. From the shipwreck site, about five tons of various valuables were raised. The treasure was estimated at $ 15,000.
Pirate treasures are kept on the seabedPirate treasures are kept on the seabed

Treasure of Tutankhamen (Egypt)

In 1922, Howard Carter discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen a golden coffin made in an unsurpassed manner, as well as a throne, masks and many other treasures. The tomb was the first one that had not been ransacked before. The find was perceived as a great discovery.
The treasure of Tutankhamen is recognized as a great treasureThe treasure of Tutankhamen is recognized as a great treasure

Pereshchepy treasure (Bulgaria)

The treasure was discovered by chance in 1912 in sec. Small Pereshchepino in Ukraine, 13 km from Poltava. The shepherd boy literally fell into the tomb of Kuvrat, belonging to the founder of Great Bulgaria, Asparukh’s father. More than 800 items, weighing gold products - 25 kg, silver - 50 kg.Amphoras, dishes, cups, 12 gold and 11 silver bowls, stirrups, a blade in a gold sheath, a saddle, etc. were found.

The largest treasure found

History keeps many legends about treasures and lucky ones who managed to find them. But there are treasures from the sight of which is breathtaking from the most notorious skeptics. In the dungeons located in the temple of Sri Padmanabhaswami (India), the researchers managed to find countless treasures that hit the whole world.
In the temple of Sri Padmanabhaswami, the largest treasure found in the world was discoveredIn the temple of Sri Padmanabhaswami, the largest treasure found in the world was discovered
In the Sri Padmanabhaswami cathedral, built in honor of the god Vishn, five hidden vaults were uncovered. According to experts, their price is $ 25 billion, and this gives reason to consider it the biggest treasure to date.
To date, research continues in another 2 secret chambers and, possibly, new caches will be discovered.
The largest treasure in the world includes gold coins, bars, weighing about 2 tons, a diamond necklace with a length of 5.5 m, and several bags of diamonds. And the most outstanding find is the statue of the god Vishu, made of gold, 1.2 m high.
In Russia continue to find old treasuresIn Russia continue to find old treasures
Very often there are problems with the right to possession of the discovered treasure. For example, the treasures found by the American company Odyssey near Portugal, with a drowned Spanish military frigate. 500,000 coins, jewelery and jewels were raised to the surface. Until now, the fate of these artifacts has not been determined. The Spanish government has put forward its right, but the company is defending its rights, since the treasure has been discovered on neutral territory.
The frigate Nuestra Señora las Mercedes transported in 1804 from the Spanish colony to Peru coins, and was flooded by the British near Cape St. Mary. About 200 frigate sailors died from the explosion.
In the hoards often found not only jewelry, but also money. The site uznayvse.ru is.

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