The first and second composition - the group "Chelsea"

Russian variety art is updated so often that it is sometimes difficult to remember an artist who a few months ago was at the peak of popularity. In such conditions, it is difficult for performers to keep afloat, because every day new names appear that are capable of great accomplishments.

In order to really be remembered by listeners from the good side and not to lose recognition even after leaving the peak of the stage, you need to do something unusual, new and of the highest quality. At one time, such music was written by a well-known musical composition - the Chelsea group.

The composition of the group Chelsea

The group was very popular, and the words of their songs sounded in almost every person’s head. Glory came to the guys at a fairly early age, but we can not say that they did not deserve it. It all started with the "Star Factory" - a project that gave way to a considerable number of young artists, popular to this day.

At that time, the unknown guys from the province gathered under the guidance of an experienced producer, Viktor Drobysh, who saw the prospect in them and did not lose.He was the one who had the idea to unite people who, at first glance, are completely incompatible with each other, because all of them were engaged in different genres of music.


Chelsea - music band, lineup

The composition of the group "Chelsea" changed only once. The first group consisted of four people: Arseny Borodin (17 years old, was engaged mainly in soul), Denis Petrov (21 years old, read rap), Alexey Korin (19 years old, was fond of r'n'b music) and Roman Arhipov (21 years old, He preferred rock music). The Chelsea group assembled the first team exactly at the Star Factory. The combination of these young people turned out to be surprisingly successful, and they successfully performed on the project, writing several hits, which they later went on a tour of Russia, gathering crowds of fans at their concerts.

The composition of the group "Chelsea" was quite diverse. Each member of the group is talented in its own way and deserves special attention. Therefore it is worth talking about them in more detail.

Denis Petrov

The official birthplace is a small town called Mozdok. Immediately after his birth, his parents moved to Vladikavkaz, so his childhood and adolescence passed there.

He studied the future soloist of the group "Chelsea" in the usual gymnasium number 5 in Vladikavkaz. After graduation, he entered the university at the Faculty of Journalism. Denis was actively engaged in this profession for some time. He worked as a correspondent and compiled reports for Vesti.

One of the main hobbies in the life of the artist was football. Denis was engaged in it very actively, however, he still preferred a musical career.

Speaking of musical interests, it is worth noting the love of Denis Petrov to the soloist of the legendary Queen group Freddie Mercury. The Russian artist considers the British musician the best in the history of music.

Now Denis lives in St. Petersburg, where he moved for a long time. He is a journalist by education and in the first years of his life in the northern capital he studied at the Faculty of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University.

After the collapse of the group, Denis Petrov has repeatedly appeared on the big stage, but in a different role. A few years ago, he spoke at the Comedy-Battle project with his stand-up.

Roman Arkhipov

chelsea group romance arkhipov

Roman was born on November 9, 1984 in a small provincial town called Gorky. However, his childhood mainly took place in Moscow, where he moved with his parents at the age of 7 years.

Roman was the most senior member of the Chelsea group, at the time of the creation of the team he was 21 years old.But he always openly stated that he is a rock music fan and wants to perform in this genre. However, in the band he was the vocalist.

The first group consisted of four people, among whom was Roman. However, it was he who first left the group, after which the Chelsea group changed its lineup, and only three people remained. It was his personal decision. Despite how successful the Chelsea group was, Roman Arkhipov left the squad consciously and on a friendly note.

Chelsea first team

Arseny Borodin

Arseny was born in the city of Barnaul on December 13, 1988. His father was a well-known musician, so the boy from his very childhood was surrounded by an atmosphere of music and creativity.

His father gave the boy to the theater of songs in early childhood, which had a significant impact on his musical talent. Teachers of singing saw great potential in him, and they did not lose.

Arseny was the youngest member of the group. At the age of 17, when he was still in school, the future artist decides to take part in the casting for the Star Factory project, which he successfully passes and is among the participants. This began the musical career of Alexei Borodin.

Alexey Korin

Date of birth - May 18, 1986. His mother insisted on his son's musical career, as his father wanted to give Alexey to the martial arts section. At an early age, the future singer goes to music school.

As a teenager, Alexey showed his talent more than once, winning various musical contests, but the starting point of his career, as well as for all the members of the group, was the project “Star Factory”.

The piano’s favorite musical instrument is the piano, but he is the vocalist in the group.


chelsea group photo composition

Chelsea is a musical group whose composition was very diverse. This is one of the few teams that has achieved real success. “Chelsea” is a group whose photo composition has been featured on many posters and signs throughout Russia. Their songs were played in almost every institution, concerts were collected by thousands of people. Success does not come in vain, which means that the band members are really talented people who know how to make music at a high level.

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