The series "The Fifth Guard": actors and roles

With the new Russian detective series "The Fifth Guard", whose actors are well known to the audience, the acquaintance took place 4 years ago, in February of 2013. Mystical events, crime investigations and the love line were mixed in it. And the main characters were played by Maya Voznesenskaya and Kirill Kozakov.

Story line

The plot of the new mystical series of domestic production "The Fifth Guard", in which the actors sought to show all their best artistic abilities, tells of a long-standing confrontation between good and evil. And this thriller shows that it is impossible to foresee anything in advance, the winner is unknown from the first minute.

Fifth Guard Actors

So, at first glance - the usual Russian outback, the town of Svetlogorsk. He is known for having a fairly large detective agency in it. Its leader is the vampire Felix, and other vampires are his detectives. Each of them follows a different, more important goal than that which is on the surface.In parallel with the investigation of intricate, strange and complex crimes, they all apply their truly unique capabilities and abilities that relate to their mystical gift. Of course, according to the law of the genre, the main villain could not but be on the show. It turned out to be a terrible creature belonging to the order of dark demons. Vampires need to by all means find it and destroy it.

From the past to the present

Once, a long time ago, the forces of Darkness sent the vampire Felix to exile in the city of Svetloyar (now called Svetlogorsk). And all because once the Count Dracula himself, drinking human blood, received a prediction that his fall, the disappearance from this world, would take place at the hands of a comrade who would be Felix, the main character of this story. Only he is able to stand in the way of the Earl of Darkness.

And since the prophecy itself was spoken in ancient times precisely in Svetlogorsk, then the events taking place in our days will be connected directly with him. This small city will become an arena where Light and Darkness will battle. The actors of the "Fifth Guard" will show viewers how it will all happen and what the final battle will be.

Thoughts about Bozhena

Each appearance of Felix in Svetloyar was accompanied by devastation, plague and death. It was he who brought many troubles to this city. But even in his fate a great misfortune happened once, after which he changed a lot.

actors of the fifth guard

He met Bozhena - the beautiful countess whom he sincerely loved. He gave her the immortality of a vampire, but the girl could not exist with it. She ceased to exist. Felix began to seek death, but the forces of Light did not allow this to materialize.

They sharpened the suffering vampire in Svetloyar's cave, where he spent five long centuries in thought. And all this time he was only thinking about her, about his deceased beloved, and about how he would live on.

Vampire or still a man?

Nowadays, two sufferers of easy money (they were going to rob a rich crypt at the cemetery) accidentally release Felix.

Who is he now: a modern talented detective or ungrateful heir who refused his family and great gift? Felix asks himself this question every day, and only he can find the answer. No one in the world should even suspect that this handsome man is an immortal vampire - and that he is much more human than many people.Now he will not just punish the guilty, he will restore justice.

fifth guard tv show

That's about it and will be discussed in the TV series "The Fifth Guard". The actors who went to the set of the picture, had to feel all that they play, because without this it is impossible to make a quality movie.

Freed from imprisonment, which lasted five hundred years, Felix decided to live another life, abandon the vampire tendencies and devote her to serving good. He opens a detective agency, whose employees are repentant sinners, who are now following the path of Light. All of them, led by Felix, try to prevent evil in all its manifestations. To protect the locals from all the troubles that can happen to them, and stop Count Dracula in all possible ways, they are seriously challenging the dark forces.

Who is “guilty” of success?

This is what was said at the very beginning. It is this story showed the project "The Fifth Guard" (series). The actors who starred in it were completely different - both in terms of their skill, in their ideas on how to represent their heroes, and how they relate to their characters.They were united by one thing: it was necessary to make not just a film about vampires, but a quality film, so that the audience, watching one episode, already dreamed of watching the next one.

fifth guard actors and roles

For the most part, not all the actors were well known to the public. But thanks to the coordinated work, everything turned out so great. However, it is believed that the success of the series depended on only one person - Kirill Kozakov, who played the main role in the TV series “The Fifth Guard”. Younger actors were like a starry sky for him, on which only he stood out as a bright star. And indeed, the one whom we used to see as completely different, for example, the duke of Anjou (that is, a very real historical character), suddenly decided to play a vampire - someone who does not exist in ordinary life. I must say that his consent to the shooting was very true. Felix in his performance turned out real and human.

Employees of a detective agency: illusions, invisibility and phantoms

Unusual and interesting to get the show "The Fifth Guard". The actors and the roles played by them revealed some talents of each, regardless of age and experience in front of the camera.

Maya Voznesenskaya played the medium Uliana.According to the story, she is the younger sister of the deceased Bozhena, therefore she understands so well all the feelings and emotions that overwhelm Felix. Ulyana became immortal, so after the release of Felix she helps him fight evil.

actors of the fifth guard

Polina Manokhina (this is her debut role) got the role of Svetlana, who can keep her phantom in any mirror. Felix finds her in a psychiatric hospital, where the girl was hidden because of this gift.

Irina Vinogradova and Matvey Matveyev in the series were brother and sister - Herman and Rita. Hermann can become, as it were, the soul of a plant, and Rita can move into an animal.

Invisible Nikita performed by Egor Vadov achieves a successful result in almost any situation. And this is not strange: almost everything is possible with his paranormal abilities.

And the illusions in the detective agency are created by Stas, played by Oleg Semysynov. Stas can penetrate into the consciousness of any person, causing the most terrible fears in him. Semisynov, probably, like no other of the actors, is “familiar” with various evil spirits, because he once studied in a theological seminary. For him, this work is a test of his strength.

To be continued...

Really talented were selected actors of the "Fifth Guard". The battles that take place between the characters in different series show what happens to the heroes in the future, in addition to their direct duty - the fight against evil.

In the new season, Felix will have, perhaps, one of the worst bouts in his life - with his brother. On a visit to the main character comes brother by blood, but completely alien in philosophy and attitude to life, brother Maximilian (actor Daniel Vorobyov). He - the one in which you can fall in love from the first second of dating. He is handsome, flawless, educated, and he is a maniac. He can save a life and take it away with just one movement. He swore an oath to his brother that he would return him to the family.

 Fifth Guard 2 Actors

From the side it seems that Max is always cool. But once his heart thawed a little when he saw Her - that girl who was Felix's connecting thread with the side of the Light - Ulyana. She became for him a kind of revelation and redemption, a small opportunity to become better, cleaner, to become just a man, just a loved one. And practically the only possible chance of blackmailing Felix. After all, he is now also in this eternal triangle,so much time resisting their feelings, hiding it as deeply as possible in the soul. They will fight.

So appeared on the screens of the series "The Fifth Guard 2". The actors mostly remained the same, but new ones arrived. Instead of retired characters - Sveta, Rita and Nikita - new ones joined the battle - Lida (actress Albina Chaikina), Katya (Tatiana Khramova), Dasha - Kassandra (Alina Nosulenko) and Danila (Efim Petrunin).

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