The drug "Solcoseryl" (dental adhesive paste). Description, application

Stomatitis. Everyone has heard about him, but most people think that they are sick of exceptionally young children, who are at that age when knowledge of the world consists mainly in the study of things “on the tooth”, licking everything and everyone, as a result of which the child can pick up the infection. It is impossible to make the baby’s environment absolutely sterile, and it’s not necessary. In addition, insufficient immunity can misfire in an adult.Solcoseryl Dental Adhesive Paste


Stomatitis is difficult to treat. Drug treatment gives a quick positive effect. But many drugs in the mouth are quickly washed away with saliva, drink, food. In addition, there are many other diseases of the oral cavity, which give us a lot of inconvenience. They need to be treated on time, until a small problem has grown into a big one, causing additional health problems.The oral cavity is the entrance gate for many infections that can adversely affect the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, cause serious consequences for the whole organism, imperceptibly, but deliberately undermining its strength and capabilities. Harsh ecological environment helps to reduce immunity. The risk groups include more and more people whose health needs support and help. For diseases of the oral cavity, experts recommend using effective drugs. One of these is the drug "Solcoseryl" (dental adhesive paste). It is sold in pharmacies without a prescription, rarely causes side effects, safe. Cases of overdose are unknown. To protect from children, however, the paste should in any case, like any other drug. Further in article we will consider in more detail this medicine.

What is this remedy?

The drug "Solcoseryl" (dental adhesive paste), pleasantly smelling like mint, is easily applied to the damaged surface. In addition to peppermint, the drug contains menthol, thereby achieving the effect of cooling, anesthesia of an itchy surface.The main component of the product, the standardized deproteinized dialysate, is extracted from the blood of dairy calves. Regardless of age, will help heal wounds, protect adults and young patients. Means "Solcoseryl" (dental adhesive paste) has no restrictions on the use for pregnant and lactating mothers.solcoseryl dental adhesive paste

What diseases are used for?

Means "Solcoseryl" is recommended for pathologies such as:

- periodontal disease (expressed in violation of the integument of the gums, the causes may be very different);

- gingivitis (inflammation of the gum membrane);

- alveolitis (may occur after tooth extraction, an inflammatory disease as a result of infection);

- stomatitis (can be both allergic in nature, and be associated with viral infections);

- pemphigus (autoimmune disease that affects the mucous membranes);

- aphtha (ulceration in the oral region in the form of a small wound);

- zaeda (many people encountered this disease, cracks in the corners of the mouth can appear both due to beriberi and due to tissue damage).

The tool can also be used for mechanical injuries of the mucous membrane,that may arise as a result of surgery or the use of removable dentures, not very successful or in the period of addiction. At the same time, it is not necessary to use the tool "Solcoseryl" (dental adhesive paste), if the surgery was associated with stitching to tighten the edges of the hole of the extracted tooth.solcoseryl dental adhesive paste reviews

How to use the tool

First of all, you need to dry the damaged surface with a cotton or gauze pad. Then apply a thin layer of paste with a finger or a cotton swab, lightly moisten with water. The whole process is repeated several times a day after meals, until complete cure. Be sure to apply the paste at night before bedtime. Observing all the stages of using the product, you will increase the duration of the therapeutic effect to three to five hours. In case of damage from dental prostheses, it is better to apply the agent on the prosthesis itself, which should be dry, and also moisten with water. For one course of treatment, one tube is usually enough.solcoseryl dental paste

Side effects of Solcoseryl (dental adhesive paste). Reviews

As practice shows, the drug rarely causes negative effects.The undoubted advantage of the tool is the ability to use it at any age, as well as during the prenatal period and during lactation. Patients note high efficacy and speed of the drug. However, the probability of undesirable consequences should not be forgotten. So, as a result of the use of the drug "Solcoseryl" (dental paste), side effects may occur in the form of allergies (slight swelling), changes in taste sensations from certain products. In these cases, you should consult with your doctor.

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