There is a list of the deepest lakes located in Russia. A lot of interesting information about the deepest of them - Baikal. It is impossible not to draw attention to the deep lakes of the African continent.

The deepest lakes of Russia

The first place among the deep lakes of Russia is Baikal. In second place is the Caspian Sea. Next comes Hantai Lake. This reservoir is located on the Taimyr Peninsula. The lake is almost completely surrounded by mountains. Slow places are extremely rare. Interestingly, it is located north of the Arctic Circle. Its maximum depth is four hundred and twenty meters.
Baikal Russia's deepest lakeBaikal Russia's deepest lake
Another deep lake is Ceric-Kel. Its maximum depth is three hundred and sixty-eight meters. The surface of the reservoir is like a blue mirror, which reflects both clouds and trees. No wonder his second name - Lower Blue Lake. These places are interesting for tourists who want to heal, as well as for those who prefer extreme diving.
Ceric-Kel is one of the deepest lakes in RussiaCeric-Kel is one of the deepest lakes in Russia
Lake Teletskoye is also one of the deepest in Russia. It is also called Telezhsky or Telessky. The length of this reservoir is relatively small - only seventy-eight km, and the width does not exceed three km. Its maximum depth is about three hundred and twenty-five meters. The transparency of the water in the lake reaches fifteen meters. Its shores are steep and steep. Lake Teletskoye is a favorite vacation spot for both locals and visitors, including tourists from Europe.
On the 6th place in depth is the Kurilskoye Lake, which is located in the south of Kamchatka. The water is fresh in it. From freshwater lakes of Kamchatka - this reservoir is in second place. Its maximum depth is three hundred and sixteen meters. In the Kuril Lake originates the Ozernaya River.
Kuril Lake is one of the deepest in RussiaKuril Lake is one of the deepest in Russia
In the Krasnoyarsk Territory is a freshwater lake, which occupies the seventh position in depth. His name is Lam. No one knows the exact depth, it is only known that it is exactly more than three hundred meters. Presumably, the maximum depth reaches six hundred, but these data are not confirmed.The water of this reservoir is clear and very cold. At the very beginning of November the lake is covered with ice, and its first movements begin only in the middle of June. In summer, tourists on the river tram sail to the recreation centers located on the banks of the Lama, in order to be able to admire the beauty of the surroundings and live far from civilization.
The depths of Lake Lama nobody knowsThe depths of Lake Lama nobody knows
The 8th position among the deep Russian lakes is occupied by Lake Ladoga. The relief of its bottom is characterized by significant differences. In some places, its depth is only fifteen meters, while the maximum depth is two hundred and thirty-three meters. Ladoga is constantly replenished due to the fact that thirty-five rivers flow into it, but only one river flows out - this is the Neva.
The deep lake Noyon-Khol is the largest of the chain of lakes Ii-Khem, located in the Republic of Tuva. The greatest depth of this lake is two hundred twenty five meters. Mana-Khol lake completes the ten deepest lakes of Russia. It, as well as Noyon-Khol belongs to the Sayan lakes. These lakes stretch among hills covered with centuries-old taiga. The greatest depth of Mana Khol does not exceed one hundred eighty meters.The lakes are rich in fish, which makes them particularly attractive for fishing tourism. It is known that all Sayan lakes have glacial origin.
In Tuva, there is a network of deep lakes Ii-KhemIn Tuva, there is a network of deep lakes Ii-Khem

Deep Lakes in Africa

Many lakes of different depths and areas are in Africa. On this continent, the deepest lakes are Malawi and Taganika. The second name of Malawi is Nyasa. Its greatest depth is seven hundred and six meters. The length of this reservoir is five hundred sixty kilometers. In its tropical waters is found the largest number of fish species on Earth. It is known that the water level in Malawi has dropped significantly over the past hundred thousand years.
Malawi - the deepest lake in AfricaMalawi - the deepest lake in Africa
Taganika much deeper Malawi. Its maximum depth is more than twice the maximum depth of Malawi. This deepest reservoir was discovered quite recently - only in the 1858th year, and this happened quite accidentally during the search for the source of the Nile. From the lake flows the river Lukuga.

The second deepest lake in the world

Many interesting things can be said about the second deepest lake on Earth. That is the lake Taganika.It is so huge that it could well be called the sea. Being the longest among freshwater lakes, it occupies the second position in deep water. Its depth is one thousand four hundred seventy meters.
Taganika is the second deepest lake on EarthTaganika is the second deepest lake on Earth
Once formed, the lake never dried out. It is considered a long-lived lake. The aquatic fauna, which was formed in the tertiary period, still lives in its waters. Today, these ancient species have become endemic.
Due to its considerable depth, there are strong storms and noticeable waves of water on Taganyk, which strongly resembles the sea situation.

The deepest lake in the world - Baikal

About Baikal you can find a lot of information in books and magazines, and on the Internet. Tourists love this place. It is also visited by researchers and politicians. Every year there are a lot of new discoveries associated with this deep-water reservoir. Expeditions continue to thoroughly explore Baikal.
Baikal is the deepest lake not only in Russia, but also in the world.Baikal is the deepest lake not only in Russia, but also in the world.
This is not only the deepest lake in the world, but also one of the most ancient. On average, the depth of the reservoir - more than seven hundred meters.The maximum depth is one thousand six hundred and thirty-seven meters. The age of this lake is still controversial. According to scientists, he is at least twenty-five million years old. It is believed that he is about thirty-five million.
This body of water is nineteen percent of all the fresh water on the planet. It is interesting that there is as much water in Baikal as there is in all five Great Lakes. Surprisingly, thanks to perfectly clear water, stones lying at a depth of forty meters can be seen from its surface.
Dives to the bottom of the lake, according to, were made for the first time in 1977. For this purpose, the Canadian deep-water unit "Price" was used. You can read more about the deepest lake in Russia.

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