There are large individuals among land tortoises, as well as among those that live in the water. They have a different way of life, size of shell, weight and nutrition. There is a turtle in the Guinness Book of Records.

Huge land turtles

Turtles living on land are vast. There are very tiny, about ten centimeters long, and there are just huge ones, whose weight reaches five hundred kilograms.
Smallest turtleSmallest turtle
Scientists believe that there are only two types of terrestrial tortoises of enormous size - these are elephant and giant tortoises. The elephants live on the Galapagos Islands, the giant ones used to live on many islands of the Indian Ocean, now they live exclusively on the Aldabra Atoll. Their second name is Seychelles. The champion among these turtles is called Goliath. His weight - three hundred eighty-five kilograms, and the length - one hundred thirty-six centimeters.
The average weight of the giant reaches three hundred kilograms with a shell length of more than one meter twenty centimeters.But these are the size and weight of today, and about five million years ago such turtles weighed at least eight hundred and fifty kilograms with a length of two and a half meters.
Huge ivory turtles are terrestrialHuge ivory turtles are terrestrial
It is believed that many years ago, seafarers would not have made most of the discoveries, their expeditions would not have been so successful, if neither the land turtles that served them as an excellent and sometimes indispensable food product. It is known that a gigantic tortoise can be without food for about a year, thanks to which the sailors, going on a journey, took the full hold of such turtles as "live canned goods".
Giant Galapagos turtles almost extinctGiant Galapagos turtles almost extinct
Almost all Galapagos turtles were eaten by sailors of all times and countries. Now they are on the verge of extinction. If it were not for the efforts of scientists, most likely the Galapagos turtles would have disappeared thirty years ago. The weight of these rare giants reaches four hundred kilograms with a length of two meters. According to the estimates of scientists on the islands no more than twenty thousand individuals of this species live, and some centuries ago there were more than three hundred such turtles.Due to the fact that this species mate year-round, females lay eggs throughout the year. Their size is similar to the size of chicken eggs.
There is a large land tortoise and in North Africa it is a tortoise. The length of the shell of some individuals reaches seventy-five centimeters, and the weight - fifty kilograms.

The biggest turtles that live in the water

Among the sea turtles, the leatherback turtle is the largest. Its length is about two and a half meters with a weight of about six kilograms. The turtle is called leathery due to its shell. It consists of small sizes of bony plates. They are related to each other, but not related to the skeleton. This turtle is not able to draw in the head, which is associated with an unusual body structure.
The leatherback turtle is the largest of the marineThe leatherback turtle is the largest of the marine
They live in any of the southern seas. There are many of them in the world, but people rarely manage to see representatives of this species. Leatherback turtles rarely come out or swim to the shore. If they are shown out of the water, then it happens at night.
The meat of these huge turtles is considered a delicacy.The meat of these huge turtles is considered a delicacy.
Their main food is clams, small fish, jellyfish, ctenophores and crustaceans. The meat of this species of turtles is recognized to be quite edible, although it is known that there have been poisonings due to the toxins in the meat. For the tortoise, they are not dangerous and enter their body, most likely, along with food.
Among the large marine are green turtles. They are also called soup. They inhabit the subtropical and tropical waters of the world's oceans. On average, the length is up to one and a half meters with a weight of two hundred kilograms. There are individuals to semitones, with a length of about two meters.
Unusual Loggerhead TortoiseUnusual Loggerhead Tortoise
Among the turtles that belong to the freshwater, we can distinguish the red-eared turtle. In size, it is incomparable to the leatherback turtle. However, among the three known subspecies the largest representatives reach the length of twenty centimeters males and nearly thirty seven centimeters of females. Of the smaller species of turtles, often kept by humans at home, the largest are red-eared turtles.
Big turtles are found in the Amazon - this is Arrau or Tartaruga. With a weight of about seventy kilograms, the length of their shell sometimes reaches a meter.Arrau - Vegetarians
Huge Arrau Tortoise - VeganHuge Arrau Tortoise - Vegan
The largest freshwater turtle, which is also called a dinosaur in the world of turtles, is called a griffon or alligator. Their weight is about sixty to eighty kilograms, and the length of the shell reaches eighty centimeters with a total length of one hundred and forty centimeters. Their habitat - some southeastern US states. The headless tortoise is an active hunter.

The biggest turtle in the world

Among the best known turtles today, leathery is recognized as the largest. It is known that the average weight of such individuals is about six kilograms, and the length is two and a half meters. At one time, an individual weighing a little less than a ton was discovered, namely, nine hundred and sixteen kilograms. This record is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. It is difficult to imagine the five-meter span of the front flippers of this giant.
The leatherback turtle is considered the biggest turtle in the world.The leatherback turtle is considered the biggest turtle in the world.
Record turtle found in the Amazon. Her age was determined approximately - it is five hundred twenty nine years. Interestingly, leatherback turtle is not only the record holder in size, it is also the fastest.
Among other amphibians in size crocodiles strike. According to, some individuals grow to 7 meters in length. On our website there is a detailed.

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