The best simulator for home for all muscle groups. How to choose a multifunctional simulator for home

The simulator for the home for all muscle groups helps to lead a healthy lifestyle, even in those moments when there is no opportunity to visit the gym or go for a run. After all, most of his time a person spends on work and all sorts of household chores, not spending time on training at all. In such cases, help simulator, working out the maximum number of muscles, which can be easily installed at home.simulator for home on all muscle groups

Problem of choice

It’s not so easy to choose an effective trainer for home, therefore many people often make mistakes and acquire the wrong device that they need. This problem has been relevant for quite a long time, because new manufacturers regularly appear and produce all new models of simulators, among which it will be difficult to find the right one.But this article will help to deal with all the problems, talk about the existing types of sports simulators, as well as their purpose.

The benefits of home exercise equipment

The simulator for the home for all muscle groups has a lot of advantages. One of the most important is the opportunity to study at any time. In the evening or in the afternoon, literally 30-40 minutes should be allocated for training, after which you should immediately go to the shower and then quietly go about your business. Such an opportunity is especially appreciated by young moms who want to recover from childbirth and always stay in shape, but this cannot be done with a baby just like that. And for men, a simulator for the home for all muscle groups is a great opportunity to swing muscles and still watch your favorite show on TV.

Another significant advantage is the cost. Of course, the annual subscription to the gym will cost several times less than a cardio or a power simulator for the house (multifunctional), but it should be borne in mind that at home all family members can do. But this can not be done on one subscription in the gym, and such a device will serve faithfully and reliably to its owner for much longer than one year.

In addition, an important factor is hygiene.Being engaged in the gym, it is not known who used this simulator before, but with a home device you can be sure that everything will be in order with cleanliness.

power simulator for home multifunction

Classification by type of load

Before you choose a simulator for your home, first of all you need to clearly determine for yourself which load will be optimal. Sports devices can be equipped with all kinds of load control systems. Outwardly, it is quite difficult to distinguish between them, but the principles of work differ fundamentally. In total, there are three main types of load distribution:

  1. Mechanical. As a rule, with such a distribution of load mini-simulators for home are produced, the cost of which is not too high. They lack a display equipped with training programs. These devices can easily compete with more expensive options, but their only drawback is the high level of noise during operation.
  2. Electromagnetic. In simulators of this type, the distance between the flywheel and the magnet can be changed, either automatically or manually. At the end of the workout, the projectile slowly lowers the load level so that the athlete’s pulse rate returns to normal.
  3. Magnetic driveCompared with the previous version, here the flywheel is unwound using the field, which is created by a powerful magnet. To regulate the load, it approaches or moves away from the flywheel. The main advantage of the magnetic drive is silent operation, but the cost is not available to everyone.

Complex simulators

Modern manufacturers of sports equipment are engaged in the release of complex simulators, which include cardio and power simulator for the home. A multifunctional projectile (multistation) is very useful for human health, since it is possible not only to work out several muscle groups, but also to improve overall health. Such training complexes make it possible to:

  • improve well-being;
  • strengthen the vessels and the heart;
  • significantly increase endurance;
  • tighten the figure;
  • stabilize the nervous system;
  • get rid of body fat;
  • reduce the risk of disease;
  • remove toxins from the body.

Training complexes can be divided into simple and complex. Their cost can be drastically different, because home installations are very similar to the professional equipment of gyms.

Simple options

To date, there are many simple simulators for the home, which make it possible to perform various exercises, simultaneously pumping several muscle groups. Their main advantage is that they do not take up too much space.

The lightest complexes consist of uneven bars, benches and crossbars. The most famous option is the wall bars. It is reliable in use, effective and accessible to all. On the Swedish wall, you can pull up, lift the legs, and also press the press in various ways. And to increase the load, you can use special weighting for hands and feet, which often come bundled with the main product.

By simple shells can be attributed to mini-simulators for the house, suitable for those who seek to develop the largest possible number of muscles, but does not have the ability to place a Swedish wall in the house. Among them:

  • Absleyter simulator - allows you to perform exercises of the type of crossbow shooting, pumps your abs, arms, back and shoulders;
  • fitball - is a large ball, with which you can perform a variety of exercises of different directions, training the abs, arm muscles, as well as developing balance;
  • Torso track - a special roller that allows you to perform a gradual transition from a kneeling position to a bar pose, while pumping all muscle groups.

how to choose a simulator for home

Sophisticated devices

Simple complexes are more suitable for those who do not have enough space in the house to accommodate them. And if space and finances allow, then complex options should be considered that put a greater strain on the muscles. Devices of this type are of the following types:

  1. With built-in weights. Such options are called power stations, and flat loads embedded in the structure itself serve as forceps. They are placed strictly vertically and only move up and down. Weight is adjusted by installing a special clamp in the hole of the load. Such compact simulators for the home are easy to use, as you can change the load on them with just one movement.
  2. With interchangeable goods. Here the loads are already presented in the form of individual dumbbells, weights, and so on. They are not attached to the installation, so they can easily be purchased separately at the store if they are not satisfied with the weight provided with the simulator. Installations of this type work out the maximum number of muscles, as well as train balance.
  3. Without weighting.In this case, the load is not created by additional shells, but by the weight of the athlete. To do this, weighting is absolutely not required, because, as without them, you can perform strength exercises or cardio training.

How to choose the best complex

Before choosing a simulator for the house, you should definitely pay attention to the basic recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to choose the device taking into account all features of the room where it will be installed.
  2. Both conventional and folding exercise equipment for the home should not make extra sound during training. If there is such a feature in the selected equipment, then, most likely, it is not of very high quality and may break at any time.
  3. Before buying, you need to think about which muscle groups you would like to work out the most in order to quickly select the desired model.
  4. Being in a sports store and choosing the trainer you like, you shouldn’t buy it right away, because first you need to do a test to see how comfortable it is.

Cardiovascular machines

Many people prefer cardio training, so it’s not easy for them to choose the best exercise equipment for the house, as the equipment for strength training is much more.Below are the best options that are suitable for fitness or as a warm-up before strength training.simulator for home reviews


The most popular trainer for home for all muscle groups is a treadmill. Everyone knows about its existence, as it is compact enough and not too expensive (from 6000 rubles). Her load is changed by accelerating the movement of the canvas or by changing the angle of inclination. More modern models are equipped with a computer that controls the load, taking into account the pulse.

Only 20 minutes per day should be allocated for training, and the first results will be visible after a week of training. On the treadmill, the buttocks, leg muscles and abdominals are worked out. mini home fitness equipment

The best elliptical trainers for home

No less popular are the elliptical trainers, which combine a stepper, exercise bike and a treadmill. They are distinguished by an interesting design, stability in operation, the presence of additional functions, as well as a sufficient load for both men and women. To date, the best models are:

  1. Body Sculpture BE-5920X. The classic mechanical simulator has a cardio sensor on the handle and a small screen that reflects speed, calorie consumption and distance. The cost varies from 4000-5000 rubles.
  2. Intensor X200.The simulator with a magnetic load system is notable for its quiet operation and an accessible display. The price is about 6000 rubles.
  3. Spirit XE520S. Professional model with a magnetic load that can withstand about 150 kg of weight and makes it possible to strain the muscles of the legs and press as much as possible. The cost is about 10,000 rubles.

effective exercise machine for home

Multifunctional simulator for home: reviews

Elliptical models have become popular for a long time, and, therefore, have already managed to gather up a lot of customer reviews about themselves. This simulator for home reviews has only positive. The main reasons for this are affordable cost and high quality. People say that with such equipment you can safely forget about excess weight, as it gives you the opportunity to work out various muscles. And it is quite pleasant to practice on it, therefore, passing by, I immediately want to start training.


Another cardio training machine that does not take up much space. It is equipped with innovative electronic load control systems. Classes are completely safe. During exercise, it allows you to burn fat and get rid of the same amount of calories as when exercising on a treadmill.The stepper consists of a pair of main pedals that imitate walking upstairs, as well as special handrails to maintain balance. compact home fitness equipment

The most affordable is a mini-stepper. It lacks a handrail, but there is a small screen on which all the necessary data is displayed: speed, load, lost calories.

There is also an elliptical stepper, where the legs move along a special trajectory. In this case, the muscles of the calf, abs, arms, back, buttocks and thighs function and develop. Motions on it are performed on bent legs, so the joints are practically not loaded.

For strength training

In order to perform strength exercises, you will have to make room in the room, since such simulators are not too compact. As a rule, this type of equipment consists of rods, pancakes, vultures, and so on. Thanks to this, the athlete's movements are not limited by anything, but when performing exercises, you must follow certain rules and follow the correct technique.

Multifunction stations can be purchased at a price of 15 thousand rubles, which is a considerable amount, so the choice of a particular model must be approached thoroughly.Before buying, it is worthwhile to test the work of the simulator in order to ensure comfort, absence of vibrations and smooth movements. You also need to consider the size of the equipment and the possibility of changing the load. Since strength training requires weight reduction at the end, the load change should be quick.

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