The best navigator for a car

Very many electronic gadgets have so firmly enteredin our reality, that we do not represent our existence without them. Some of them are just funny toys, but there are also some that allow us to expand our capabilities, make our life more comfortable and comfortable.

the best navigatorThese gadgets include GPS-navigator. It is a device that receives and processes a signal from GPS satellites, which determines its location and, accordingly, the location of the car. This device only receives, but does not send signals. The accuracy of the readings will always depend on the number of satellites available to him. After determining the location, it traces the route to the destination. GPS-navigators allow you to download only those cards that are compatible with their programs.

To date, many manufacturersoffer a wide range of portable onboard devices. You can say that their whole sea. It remains to find out how to catch the really best navigator in this sea. Because outwardly and by function they are so similar that it is sometimes very difficult to understand.

Start choosing the best navigator you need withdisplay. The optimal size is five inches. The device with a larger display is worth buying only when it is planned to use it as a video player. This option is relevant for people who spend a lot of time driving. Display resolutions for permanent use are enough 480x272 pixels, but for some connoisseurs there is an option of 800x480 pixels.

best gps navigatorThe best GPS-navigator should havegood and detailed map. This choice can only be made by the buyer himself, since some of the users vote for the "Progorod" cards, the other part for Navitel, and Garmin and other devices of major manufacturers have their cards.

In addition to the main technological features, there isthere are many additional functions. In the navigator can be built: magnetic barometer, compass, GSM-module, multimedia functionality and DVR.

How to figure out whether this should all containis the best navigator? The presence of Bluetooth, GPRS or Wi-Fi will help you get information about the presence of traffic jams, and also allow using the device as a tablet. If the car already has an audio system that can support these functions, then it is not worth overpaying.

The best navigator should be filled with the mostA modern hardware platform, roughly the same as SirfAtlas V or from MTK. It is desirable that there should be 128 MB of RAM and 16 GB of memory card. This is necessary if the device is going to be used as a multimedia device.

Give preference to a particularthe manufacturer is not possible, since basically the quality of navigators and their technical characteristics are close to each other. Here the choice is for the buyer and his preferences.

Pwhat is the best navigatorLet's sum up and determine which is the bestnavigator for use in a car. This device with a screen of 5 inches and a resolution of 480x272 pixels. It uploaded an accurate map showing the main, secondary and even country roads. In the navigator, if necessary, there should be an Internet connection. This will allow you to receive timely information about traffic jams. The device is made on a modern hardware platform, which increases its capabilities, has a fairly large memory. The cost of GPS-navigators ranges from 2 thousand rubles (the most simple) to 10 thousand rubles - with a built-in registrar.

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