Task Manager is a tool of the real pro

Task manager is a system utility, withwhich helps to monitor the operation of the system and effectively manage it. Such managers are present on all platforms. For example, the Task Manager for Mac looks a bit simpler than the familiar fellow from Windows, but still performs its functions just as effectively. However, in this article we will look at the more popular version of the system manager, that is, the utility from Windows.

Task Manager

What is so useful for the task manager? If you use metaphors, then it can be compared with a scalpel and stethoscope of a doctor. You can get information, and correct what and where is wrong. Consider the two most used tabs of the dispatcher.

Applications tab

First of all, everyone knows it by the main function- completion of applications. However, this is not all that she knows. A vivid example is "dangling" programs or closing errors. Often you are faced with a situation where, in the manager's tab, you press the "remove task" button, and the computer starts to "hang" terribly, and the next pressing of the same button just adds problems? It's time to talk about the second tab of the dispatcher.

The Processes tab
task manager does not startHere all the running in the system are displayedprocesses indicating the amount of resources consumed. Its peculiarity is that here you can see that it is realistic now using the computer's memory, and complete the processes, simply unloading them from memory. This method is much more effective than the "Delete task" button. It often allows you to immediately complete the application without unpleasant "hangs". In addition, this tab displays all the actions of the system.

This system manager becomes dangerousweapons against many viruses - they can be trivially unloaded from memory. That's why many malicious programs hate the task manager very much and turn it off. They mask their activities with a serious message: "The task manager has been disconnected by the administrator". You can enable it in several ways:

1. After you press the Win + R keys, a window will open. In it, enter the following characters - "gpedit.msc". After switching to the opened Group Policy Editor window, do the following: click "User Configuration" then "Administrative Templates", then click on "System" and finally you will see "Action Options after pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL". The "Remove Task Manager" window will appear in the window to the right. Hover over this label and double click with the left mouse button, then set the value "Not set". Restart the computer.

2. Open the notepad and copy the text into it:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ System]
"DisableTaskMgr" = dword: 00000000
Save the file, change the format from txt to reg and run it. Answer the question in the affirmative. Restart the computer.

If these methods did not help - the Registry Editordisconnected or changes are canceled by themselves - this means that it's time to test your computer with a good antivirus program. Very often, viruses, to ensure their safety, disable this utility. This is done so that experienced users can not manually unload them from active processes.
task manager macIn most cases, these methods help to solveproblem, and everything starts to work. However, you should clearly understand that if the task manager does not start, then this (in most cases) is a sign of the presence of viruses in the system. Therefore, do not underestimate the potential of malware and hope that your computer is uninfected.

I want to note that the ways to open a systemmanager a great variety. CTRL + ALT + DEL - just the most acclimated, so to speak, a classic combination. For example, you can use the combination "Cntrl + Shift + Esc". Or right-click on the taskbar panel, and in the pop-up window, select "Start Task Manager." If all this does not help, go to the directory where the Windows operating system is installed, find the folder System32, and in it the file taskmgr.exe is our dispatcher.

The options presented in this article should help you to "repair" this system utility. If you do not get it, then there is always another option - reinstalling the system.

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