Talented designer - Alexander Terekhov

After graduating from the Moscow Institute of Fashion and Design in 2001, Alexander Terekhov received a happy opportunity to work in the design house of Yves Saint Laurent as the first award for winning the Russian Silhouette competition for young designers. His debut collection of Elf's corporation was presented in 2004 during the Moscow Fashion Week, which is already remembered, not without a smile, by the already well-known and popular young designer.

How it all began

Popular designer Alexander Terekhov began his career at the age of five. At this age, he became interested in sewing fashionable dresses for his cousins' dolls. The apotheosis of his work was a dress for his mother at the age of nine. There was no thought about getting a profession. After graduating from art school, an excellent graphic artist and draftsman, Alexander enters the Institute of Fashion and Design in Moscow. In 2001, he defended his thesis on the specialty "costume design" and, as mentioned above, he has the opportunity to work in Paris, near Yves Saint Laurent.Alexander Terekhov

An internship over the course of several weeks as an assistant stylist has borne fruit. Alexander Terekhov creates his collection of "elf" dresses in 2004. In the same year, being one of the most promising designers in the world, Terekhov registers the brand Alexander Terekhov. The singer Alsou and the group Reflex turn to him with a request to develop stage images for them. For three years from 2006 to 2009, he was the only Russian designer with his collections at fashion weeks in New York.

Popularity is growing

Thanks to the shows, his popularity has grown among Hollywood stars who liked the collection. In dresses from Alexander Terekhov such stars as Angelina Jolie and Celine Dion were seen. Gradually, the Alexander Terekhov brand is spreading outside of Russia, and the customer base in the USA is growing. In his collections, Alexander takes into account the tastes of women, formed by the Calvin Klein and Donna Karan brands.alexander terehova designer

Other achievements of Alexander include recognizing him as one of the ten most talented novice designers according to Style.com. The young designer is in itself a perfect face for fashion, with his delicate features and slightly disheveled hair.Photos of Terekhov and models in his outfits regularly appear on the pages of Russian Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

The next stage of the path

In 2010, Alexander Terekhov accepts an offer from Oksana Lavrentieva to join the holding of Rusmod. Since that time, Terekhov, along with seasonal collections, began to produce capsule collections, aimed both at increasing the prestige of the brand and in support of certain projects. For example, a collection of fabulous outfits was created to support the Disney project. In the fall of 2010, Alexander participates in the Fashion Week “Cycles and Seasons from Master Cards” and participates in the nomination of the magazine “People of the Year GQ” in the category “Designer of the Year”


What is the success of the brand Alexander Terekhov, known for its classic, modern and women's designer aesthetics? When servicing a wide range of customer base, unlike many well-known brands, it takes into account the opportunity to work in sizes 36-44. The collections of the Alexander Terekhov brand are popular not only because of their seasonal novelty, beautiful dresses that celebrities wear and are represented in magazines, but also because of their fitness for the everyday lifestyle of women and men.Alexander Terekhov's dresses

At one of the latest shows of fashion collections, which took place in a unique setting on the platform of the Dostoevskaya metro station, male and female models of clothing were presented. The dresses of the collection were made of beautiful flying fabrics, decorated with shimmering stones. Along with them were the novelties of the season - skirts and blouses.

After the show, models of clothes fly at lightning speed among fashionistas and fashionistas. You can order something from the collection in Alexander's company studio.

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