Summary of Tom Sawyer. The main events

Sawyer volume summaryWho among us has not read Mark Twain's books? The wonderful adventures of the boys are the most memorable. As a child, I often read about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. It would seem that ordinary children, and how many adventures and instructive stories! But this is so, a lyrical digression. Now it's directly a brief summary of Tom Sawyer. Forward for the adventure!

Summary of "Tom Sawyer"

The novel tells about a boy wholives in a town called St. Petersburg in Missouri. The action takes place before the Civil War. The boy lives with his aunt Polly and periodically gets into different dubious situations, getting scolded by his aunt. In fact, the whole novel describes only a few months from the life of a boy and his friends. Playful and restless Tom constantly gets into trouble, runs away from classes. For such a misdemeanor he is sentenced to paint the fence. Being a very resourceful boy, Tom pretends that it is such a great pleasure and great honor that the boys who came to tease him, eventually themselves are asking to paint and even pay for this opportunity. By the way, the expression "Tom Sawyer's case", that is, the work that you are doing, and even for it, is paid for.

In addition to cunning, Tom is inherent and a little bitThe romanticism that is shown in his love of Becky's Thecher. This seemingly childlike love nevertheless is tested for strength by betrayal, jealousy, bitter resentment and separation.tom soyer summary

Summary of Tom Sawyer: Piracy and Funeral

After all these experiences, Tom and the other boys(including the homeless Huck Finn) decide to go to a small island near the city, posing as pirates. There they try the first cigarettes, have fun, fish, rest. When they are bored with all this, they decide to finally return home. But when they return, they will find out that their funeral will be held in the near future, as the family decided that the boys were drowned. Tom offers everyone to wait for the funeral, conceiving another prank, without even thinking how cruel it is.

Summary of "Tom Sawyer": murder in the cemetery

During these events, Tom and Huck became very close. One night they decided to go to the cemetery to get the warts out. To do this, they had to throw a dead cat on the grave of a bad person. Thus, they thought that devils who came for the deceased would take with them the cat to which the warts are attached. As a result, they witness the death of the Indian Joe over the doctor. Later the Indian dumps the blame on another. As a result, the case comes to trial, and the boys begin to experience real fear, swearing to each other that they will never tell anyone the truth, but in court, Tom does not hold back and narrates about what happened.a brief concurrence of Twain Tom SawyerAs a result, the Indian fled, and the innocent was acquitted.

Summary of Tom Sawyer: Re-meeting with an Indian

After these events, Tom literally at one pointbecomes a hero, but together with Huckleberry fears reprisal from the escaped Indian. During the search for the treasure (they hoped to find the lost diamonds under an abandoned tree), they accidentally found an abandoned hut, the boys go into it and see a lying deaf Spaniard, under which the Indian Joe hides. The gangster was going to commit a crime again in relation to the widow Douglas. The boys manage to call for help, and the Indian leaves with nothing. And the widow in a fit of gratitude adopts Huckleberry.

Tom Sawyer. A brief summary of the latest adventures

The last adventure is the resumptionrelationship between Tom and Becky. They go on a romantic date in the cave. There they are haunted by the volatile mice, they are lost and end up in a bottomless hole, from which they are chosen only thanks to Tom's ingenuity. Leaving Becky by the river, Tom tries to find and finds a way out. Becky's father orders to seal the entrance to the cave, and the Indian remains buried in her alive. Release from the maniac celebrates the whole city, everyone is happy and satisfied. Later friends find a real treasure and become rich. Here is a brief summary. Twain "Tom Sawyer" wrote initially for adults, but, as you have already understood, in children this novel enjoys great success.

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