"Sulpiride": reviews, indications, instructions for use

Mental health is one of the important aspects of a person’s normal life. But, unfortunately, many people suffer from nervous disorders and psychosis of varying degrees. This condition greatly deteriorates the quality of life, and treatment requires a serious approach. Before the new generation of drugs were created, traditional medicine was the basis of the therapy. People were treated with herbal remedies from belladonna, henbane and opium herbs.

Modern pharmacology can offer the consumer an extensive list of antipsychotic drugs. One of these is Sulpiride. There are a lot of reviews about it, which gives reason to study it in more detail.sulpiride reviews

General information

The drug “Sulpiride” is an atypical antipsychotic from the group of substituted benzamides. It has an average neuroleptic activity in combination with a stimulating and anti-depressive property.Instructions for use "Sulpirida" informs that the drug can be used for monotherapy, and be part of complex therapy.

In minimal dosages, it is used as an adjunct to the treatment of psychosomatic ailments, especially the effect is observed in blocking negative mental signs in gastric and duodenal ulcers. Also, in small doses, the drug gives a good result with dizziness of various etiologies.

Release form

The drug has several forms of release:

  • pills;
  • capsules;
  • oral solution;
  • solution for intramuscular injection.

Tablets "Sulpiride" are produced in 50 mg, they are placed in 10 pieces in a contour cell, then packed in a cardboard box, in a pack contains 3 cells. Another type of packaging is a bottle of dark glass, which fits 30 tablets. The bottle is packed in a cardboard box. Tablets of 200 mg are placed in contour cells of 10 pieces, the package contains three cells.

Capsules "Sulpiride Belupo" are available in 20 and 50 mg each, placed 15 pieces in contour cells, two in 1 cardboard box.sulpiride instructions for use

Oral solution is a liquid with no color, with a faint lemon or aniseed aroma. 150 ml of the drug is available in bottles of orange glass, each placed in a cardboard box.

For intramuscular administration, the drug is available in 2 ml glass ampoules. Five ampoules are placed in the contour cells, which are packed in a cardboard box of two pieces.


The main active ingredient is sulpiride substance. In tablets it contains 50 or 200 mg. In addition, the composition includes excipients:

  • potato starch;
  • lactose;
  • talc;
  • gelatin;
  • cellulose;
  • magnesium stearate.

The capsule contains 20 and 50 mg of active substance, as well as additional components:

  • corn starch;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • lactose monohydrate.

The shell consists of gelatin and titanium dioxide.sulpiride testimony

Oral solution contains 200 mg of the main active substance. Additional components:

  • anise or lemon flavor;
  • propylene glycol;
  • citric acid monohydrate;
  • maltitol;
  • propyl hydroxybenzoate;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate;
  • water.

The composition of 1 mg injection "Sulpiride" includes 50 mg of the main active substance.

Drug properties

"Sulpiride" has a pronounced anti-affective, anti-depressive and activating properties. In minimal dosages, the drug gives an antidepressant effect, in moderate dosages it is anti-autetic, and in maximum doses it is used to treat schizophrenia. The drug stimulates the secretion of mucus and improves blood circulation in the gastric mucosa.

How does it work?

The mechanism of action of "Sulpiride" depends on the form of the drug and the method of administration:

  • When ingestion, the highest concentration in the blood is reached after 4-5 hours. Bioavailability of this type of admission - 26-35%. Communication with blood proteins is not more than 40%. The metabolic processes in the withdrawal are not involved, it comes out with the help of the kidneys in its original form. Also, the drug can go along with breast milk, the approximate half-life is about 8 hours.
  • With intramuscular injection of its maximum concentration of the drug reaches after 30 minutes. The level of the active component in the blood is equal to the injected dose. Communication with blood proteins is about 40%. The drug is rapidly absorbed by the tissue and penetrates into all organs, most of all it is deposited in the pituitary gland.The half-life is about 7 hours, excreted by the kidneys.side effects of sulpiride

When is it applied?

The tool is used in the treatment of mental and neurological diseases. The indications for Sulpiride are as follows:

  • acute and chronic schizophrenia;
  • acute course of delirium;
  • neurotic disorders of various etiologies;
  • all types of depression;
  • dizziness caused by vestibular neuritis, traumatic brain injury, otitis media and other ailments;
  • colitis;
  • Used as an adjunct in gastric and duodenal ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.sulpiride capsules


On the Internet you can find unflattering reviews about Sulpiride. This drug is subject to a number of restrictions on the use. It is contraindicated:

  • children under the age of 14;
  • during lactation;
  • in acute alcohol and drug intoxication;
  • with hyperprolactinemia;
  • with epilepsy;
  • with pheochromocytoma;
  • with individual intolerance to the components;
  • patients who are in an aggressive or affecting state.

Also with great care it should be taken by patients:

  • with liver and kidney failure;
  • with diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • after an attack of epilepsy;
  • suffering from glaucoma;
  • with prostatic hyperplasia;
  • in old age;
  • with failure of the menstrual cycle.

When prescribing the drug "Sulpiride", the doctor must ensure that the patient does not have contraindications.

Possible complications

Each person responds differently to taking different medications. Someone endures the action safely, but someone has the body responds with a negative reaction. There are a lot of side effects in Sulpirida, so you should be extremely attentive to your condition. May occur:

  • on the part of the gastrointestinal tract - nausea, vomiting, heartburn, constant thirst, increased liver enzymes in the blood;
  • on the part of the central nervous system - prolonged headache, dizziness, tremor in the hands, incoordination, nervousness, anxiety, sleep disturbance;
  • on the part of the heart and blood vessels - blood pressure surges, rapid heartbeat, a sharp pressure drop with a change in body position;
  • on the part of the endocrine system - an increase in blood prolactin, the release of colostrum from the mammary glands, failure of the menstrual cycle, swelling of the mammary glands, decreased libido, frigidity;
  • on the part of the skin - increased sweating;
  • on the part of metabolic processes - weight gain;
  • allergic manifestations - a rash on the skin, peeling, itching.

If such symptoms occur, the drug should be temporarily stopped and consult a doctor. Only he will be able to give permission to continue therapy, after adjusting the dosage.sulpiride injections

"Sulpiride": instructions for use

The instructions indicate the following dosages:

  • adults should ingest from 100 to 300 mg per day, dividing this rate by 2-3 times;
  • intramuscularly drugs are administered from 100 to 800 mg per day;
  • children from 14 years of age, the dosage is calculated at 5 mg per 1 kg of the body.

The maximum rate per day for an adult is 1.6 g.

In the treatment of various diseases should follow the following scheme:

  • Tablets and capsules - in acute or chronic schizophrenia, acute delirium, the lowest dose should be determined by the severity of the disease, it ranges from 600 to 1200 mg per day. Then, as the acute symptoms subside, a maintenance dosage is prescribed, which will range from 300 to 800 mg per day.
  • In severe depression, 150-600 mg is prescribed, this rate is divided into 3 doses.
  • With dizziness, various etiologies can take 200 mg, if the condition is heavy, the dose should be increased to 400 mg. Treatment must be carried out for at least 2 weeks.
  • As an additional component to therapy for gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, as well as irritable bowel syndrome, it is prescribed from 100 to 200 mg in 2 divided doses.
  • Treatment with a solution for internal use is similar.

Due to the fact that the drug is excreted only by the kidneys, it is recommended to reduce the dosage to patients with almost all of our disorders, or to increase the time interval between doses. For older people, the initial dosage is half or a quarter of the adult dosage.


With excessive use of the drug is not observed characteristic signs of overdose. As evidenced by the reviews of "Sulpiride", it is most often manifested in:

  • increased pressure;
  • blurred eyes;
  • lethargy;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • excessive sweating;
  • constant thirst.

If such symptoms occur, they must be removed and supportive treatment applied.medicine sulpiride

Additional Information

Before using the solution for oral administration must be shaken. It is not recommended to take "Sulpiride" simultaneously with drugs that have a depressant effect on the central nervous system, as this may provoke an increase in their sedative effect. Taking the drug in pregnant women is prescribed only by a doctor for health reasons. In connection with the decrease in the speed of psychomotor reactions during the administration of the drug, it is prohibited to control the transport, to perform work related to equipment and hazardous production.

What do patients say?

Reviews of "Sulpiride" are the most controversial. Someone complains about the uselessness of the drug and the presence of side effects. And someone claims that the tool perfectly helps to eliminate anxiety, normalize sleep and cope with irritability.

Medicines at all act in different ways, so it is impossible to unequivocally state a good drug or a bad one.

Be healthy!

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