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Technique MGD (DPDG)

The method of oculomotor desensitization (desensitization of mental injuries using eye movements) is a psychotherapeutic method developed by Francine Shapiro (USA) in 1987.

Since then, it has been successfully used to treat post-traumatic stress disorders in combatants, victims of violence, disasters and natural disasters, eyewitnesses to emergencies, as well as people suffering from phobias, panic attacks, etc.

The method allows you to unlock the traumatic material in memory and to achieve fairly rapid positive changes. Based on the fact that the eyes are a continuation of the brain and by making certain movements, we directly influence the brain, our neural network. The technique is very simple.

You can do it yourself (it is better to move with closed eyes) or with the help of an assistant (in this case, ask him to close the index and middle fingers of one hand and drive them. The rest of the fingers are folded.

The most important thing: your head should not move, only your eyes. Keep an eye on his fingers.Preferably not less than 24 movements of each form, it is possible more if you want.

What forms?

1. horizontal movements

2. circular motion

3. The big horizontal eight (similar to the infinity sign).

These 3 figures are the minimum set. If you wish, you can add movements:

  • vertical
  • diagonal
  • cruciform
  • vertical eight


Identify the problem you want to work with. According to the already familiar (and hopefully loved) scale from 0 to 10, measure how much it bothers you. Usually, problems with a score of at least 8 are taken into consideration (otherwise you can cope with it without MHD).

Think about it, and preferably even see, hear, feel it (VAKD, from NLP).

Do a series of eye movements (on the first figure) with a speed and amplitude that is comfortable for you.

After finishing the series, reboot - discard everything from your head and take a deep breath and exhale, look up at something bright, you can stretch (jump, stretch, let your body tell you).

Continue through the rest of the figures.Measure the result.

The technique is really universal. You can work this way with convictions, and with goals, and with relationships (in this case, imagine a particular person), and with anything else your heart desires.

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