Station Gryazi-Voronezh

Gryazi-Voronezh - the nodal station of the city of GryaziLipetsk region, belonging to the Southeast Railway. It is located at the intersection of two major directions: Moscow - Rostov-on-Don and Smolensk - Volgograd. This determines the high passability of passengers per day, which is about 6 thousand people.

The station has three double-trackelectrified lines - on Yelets, Liski and Michurinsk - and one single-track, going to Povorino and servicing only diesel locomotives, at which the station Gryazi-Voronezhskiy provides for the replacement of locomotives.

History of creation

The construction of the Gryazi-Voronezhsky station beganat the very moment when the line Ryazan-Kozlov (today Michurinsk) was opened, on September 4, 1866. At the same time, the first stone was laid in the basis of the future station. The construction of the first station was completed in January 1868, and at that time he represented a wooden house with a second-class mezzanine. A wooden platform was built90 and a width of 2.5 fathoms, and the routes were located only on the north side. The station was typical for that time: on the ground floor there were waiting rooms for 1st and 2nd class, as well as a buffet, a kitchen, cash desks and telegraph. On the second floor there was the flat of the station chief.

mud of Voronezh

The station worked for two months, and it became clear,that the station building is too small, therefore it is necessary to reconstruct it. In 1870, a one-story wooden building was added to it. But due to insufficient funding, the construction of roads from the south began only in 1875. At that time, they were building a new railway station in St. Petersburg, so the construction began not on the site of the old station, but required re-planning of the tracks. By 1883 the work was completed, and the station became one of the best in the entire railway network of Russia.

Restoration after the war

For about 30 years the station has been flourishingand accepted its passengers, among whom were famous writers LN Tolstoy, AM Gorky and IA Bunin. But in 1919 the village was captured by mammoths, the station was damaged, the damage amounted to approximately 900 thousand rubles at that time.

During the Great Patriotic War, the station alsowas bombed by German soldiers and was completely destroyed, about 350 bombs were dropped on it, hundreds of people were injured. According to some reports, 189 residents and visitors of the village were killed.

Train schedule Dirt Voronezh Restoration of the station began only in the 50'syears of the twentieth century. It was completely built in 4 years, absolutely new and improved began to receive passengers again daily. The station was electrified, which allowed to take long-distance trains and increase throughput. In 1984, there were also improvements, on April 15, an underground pedestrian crossing (previously only ground crossing) was opened, which was built by the method of pushing, which allowed not to stop the movement of trains.

To date, the station has 24 paths, 4 platforms: 3 island and 1 side. Through the Gryazi-Voronezh followed by 27 long-distance trains, connected with 30 stations, and 3 suburban.

Interesting Facts

  • The coat of arms of the city depicts the wheel asa certificate that the city appeared only thanks to the railway station and railway. The development of the settlement was facilitated mainly by its convenient location on the map of Russia and a lucky event.
  • There is a version that its name is Mud City(then a settlement) was received after the visit of Peter I. The emperor's trip took place on a rainy autumn, and along the way it was so muddy that the stroller was mired in slush and the wheel broke. Because of what the king stopped here to repair his vehicle. It was after this incident that the rumors began circulating among the people that Peter the First had ordered to call the settlement of Gryazi.

moscow mud of Voronezh

  • The station was awarded the most famouspeople, such as GI Uspensky, M. Gorky, GV Plekhanov. The world-famous writer LN Tolstoy liked to drink tea at the Gryazi station. Several times the station was visited by IA Bunin, a Nobel Prize winner, who visited his sister, who used to live in Gryazi.
  • With the advent of the station in the village, attendance increased 20-fold, and only thanks to the Mud station is now a city.

Train schedule

Detailed train timetablefrom the Mud-Voronezhcan be found on the sites and tutu. The routes to Anapa, Ryazan, Borisoglebsk, Adler, Chelyabinsk, Voronezh, Volgograd, St. Petersburg, Moscow, etc. follow the Dirt. The most popular routes follow from Moscow, Khosty, Lipetsk, Novorossiysk, Ryazan, Adler, Volgograd, Voronezh and Michurinsk.mud station Voronezh

Tickets for the most popular route Moscow -Gryazi-Voronezh cost you about 900 rubles for a ticket 2 classes, 1500 rubles. - for 1 class. The capital can be reached in 5 hours in comfortable trains, the cars in which are divided into classes. Everyone can choose a more convenient way of movement.

Timetable of electric trains Gryazi-Voronezhskie

Three electric trains leave the station every day,following the direction towards Voronezh. The trains depart at 5:53, 14:17 and 18:38. The journey time is 2 hours and 18 minutes. The cost of tickets must always be specified at the checkout, it all depends on the duration of your trip and the final destination.schedule of electrified mud Voronezh

List of services provided at the station

  • Help and information from the station staff about trains, the time of their journey, the cost of tickets and others.
  • If necessary, medical care.
  • Supporting public order at the station.
  • Return tickets, their reissue, the issuance of tickets booked through the Internet, service by electronic tickets, as well as the payment of tickets by bank cards at all ticket offices of the station.

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