Soft taste Aqua Minerale - description, composition and manufacturer

Water is a key component in thelife of every living being. And it is extremely important to know what kind of water we drink and what it is. In the modern world, a clean, safe and useful liquid is of particular importance. After all, it is not a secret for anyone that industry on the whole planet contributes to its pollution on a huge scale. Serious amounts are regularly allocated for the search for sources of drinking water and its purification. Today we present to your attention the mineral water Aqua Minerale. We will find out what its peculiarity, composition, and find out whether it can be considered useful for our health. Also we will get acquainted with the popular positions of the brand.

aqua minerale

Mineral water Aqua Minerale

On sale a bottle of mineral water canpurchase in volumes from 0.26 to 5 liters. On the Russian market, the brand exists since 1993. And since then, not only has not surrendered its positions, but also strengthened the interest of consumers to its brand, which confirms the quality of water from the wells of Aqua Minerale. For example, over the past year, a record number of brand bottles was sold: if all of them folded, then the planet Earth could be wrapped twice!

Mineral water differs from other brands. This concerns its composition, softness in taste.

Composition of mineral water

The composition is quite simple, it does not contain the volume of useful components that can be found in therapeutic table mineral waters. Nevertheless, Aqua Minerale products include:

  • magnesium, potassium, sodium - up to 20 mg / l;
  • calcium - up to 30 mg / l;
  • hydrocarbonates - up to 200 mg / l;
  • sulfates - up to 250 mg / l;
  • chloride up to 150 mg / l.

All this is indicated on the label of the water bottle. The total hardness is 7 meq / l. Total mineralization is 500 mg / l.

aqua minerale water

According to the sanitary rules and regulationsclassification Aqua Minerale belongs to the 1st category. And this means that it is safe, but it is not physiologically complete in terms of the content of macro- and microelements in its composition.

Experts note that the requirements fordrinking and mineral water are different. And for ordinary drinking water, sanitary standards are higher than for mineral water. Although many inhabitants hold the opposite opinion: mineral water is better than drinking water.

During the examination of several brands of drinking andmineral water, data were obtained that many brands do not meet the stated requirements on the product label. So, for example, "Aqua Mineral" even indicates the content of potassium and magnesium to 30 mg / l, but in fact these elements are almost none, which the manufacturer does not hide behind the said formulation. But, despite this fact, "Aqua Minerale" confirmed its status of water as safe.

aqua minerale soft taste

Manufacturer of mineral water

Mineral water with a French name hasroots of the world-famous company "PepsiCo", but in fact it is a product of Russian origin. Produced by "Aqua Minerale" in the Samara region, and a legal entity is located in St. Petersburg. To produce it, artesian wells with a depth of up to 300 meters are used.

Water is subjected to multistage filtration fromimpurities and disinfected with ozone. Filling is carried out in a special environment saturated with nitrogen. This method does not allow bacteria to penetrate into the bottles, which prolongs the shelf life of water to 2 years or more, while maintaining its performance.

Brand Assortment

In addition to the standard separation of mineral waterfor carbonated and non-carbonated, there are products Aqua Minerale with juice, which has become a novelty among the analog manufacturers. Since May 2017, Russian consumers have had an opportunity to try the following types of drink: non-carbonated mineral water with the taste of "mint-lime", "apple", "cherry" and "lemon". The volume is 0.6 and 1.5 liters.

aqua minerale with juice

Despite the variety of tastes, the caloric content of each bottle of "Aqua Minerale" is the same - only 19 kilocalories.

The composition of these waters includes juices: concentrated apple, lemon, lime and cherry, with the only difference being that the concentration of one component exceeds that of the others. An exception is the taste of "cherry", where the juice of black carrots is added. And the dye is present in mineral water with taste "apple". In addition, to avoid oxidative processes, preservatives, acidity regulators and stabilizers have been added.

The cost of such a bottle, depending on the volume and region of sales: from 44 to 60 rubles.

In contrast to the spring novelties, a long time agoAqua Minerale Active is on the shelves of Russian cities. The shape of this bottle is a convenience and comfort for sports training, a curved bottle is very comfortable to hold in your hand. A special lid with holes for drinking water is designed so that you can get fluid evenly, without bursts. This is important in the training process.

aqua minerale active

The product also has flavors, more precisely,aftertaste of water: lemon, orange, raspberries and strawberries - at the choice of the consumer. The most popular bottle of mineral water "Aqua Mineral Active" - ​​with a taste of lemon, because it perfectly quenches thirst.

Customer Reviews

The mild taste of Aqua Minerale by many consumers is assessed as excellent. The brand is well-known and quite popular among domestic consumers. ManufacturerPepsiCo Holdings LLC has established itself as aA stable company with an affordable price policy and a wide range of products.

Many, buying a drink with flavoringsor juice content, note that a feeling of "chemistry" in the water is created. As for category 1, which includes "Aqua Minerale", then such products may have a smell, according to SANPiN, which is not a violation. But people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle prefer to drink water without any additives.

Sokosoderzhaschie drinks are in demand among consumers mainly in the warm season, when the thirst is especially strong and the usual taste of water can bother.

Therefore, positive reviews about "Aqua Mineral" are more simply carbonated or non-carbonated mineral water, rather than a product with the addition of various flavoring preservatives.


Today we got acquainted with the composition of the mineralwater "Aqua Minerale" and the experts' opinion on this matter. Also found out how it is produced and what consumers think about water.

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