Sofas furniture factory "Mebel-ARS"

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
April 11, 2016
Sofas furniture factory "Mebel-ARS"

Upholstered furniture in trend with any fashion trends. To buy high-quality sofas for the home or office for a reasonable price is real, if you buy through the online stores of domestic manufacturers. High quality products are in no way inferior to their foreign counterparts, so feel free to choose models from the online catalog.

The type and form of sofas are different:

  • straight;
  • corner;
  • couches;
  • sofas.

Children's room sofas

furnitureIf you do not know where you can cheaply buy a children's sofa, take a look at the official page of the furniture factory of the Mebel-ARS economy class.

Since the children's room is made comfortable for the child, this furniture manufacturer prefers natural materials and makes sure that the wooden frame of the sofa is perfectly flat, without damage.

For upholstery fabrics are used soft colors:

  • green;
  • purple;
  • blue;
  • beige;
  • with floral print;
  • in the cage.

They are equally aesthetically pleasing in the room of the baby or undergrowth of either sex.

Folding sofas in the nursery look compact, save space for games, activities. To avoid injury, the structure has no sharp corners and solid parts sticking out. And inside there are hidden boxes for pillows, blankets, bed linen.

Where to buy a roll-out sofa at a bargain price?

sofaIf the bed is out of place in the interior of a kitchen or living room, and an extra bed is necessary, buy inexpensive vykatny sofas in the Mebel-ARS online store. They are the most popular in the period of sales, sold at discounts.

Small-sized designs can replace chairs. They are suitable for watching TV, reading, comfortable sleep, as well as indispensable when there are guests with an overnight stay. Depending on the features of the decor, the following models are offered:

  • with smooth and strict lines of the backrest, armrests;
  • double, single;
  • with and without a linen department;
  • monophonic, combined colors;
  • with pillows and without.

The products of the furniture factory Mebel-ARS have a confirmed quality certificate, and a guarantee applies to each type of product. The order is accepted through the electronic shopping cart or by contacting the company. Delivery is carried out in Moscow and the region within one day.

Payment is accepted in any convenient way for the buyer: in cash, cashless payment and prepaid. For more information, contact the managers of the company by calling.

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