Snickers for the girl: description

Little women of fashion always want to be like everyone elseon adults, their mothers, girls "from the TV" and magazines. In doing so, they imitate not only the manner of behavior, but also the style of clothing. For example, even at a fairly early age, girls already show interest in shoes with heels. And when they get older, they start asking their parents for their own pair of shoes. But no one thinks about the fact that the baby's foot may not yet be fully formed. But also to forbid the child to wear beautiful footwear too it is impossible. And, in order not to spoil the child's foot and relationship with him, one can find a good option as an alternative that can arrange both parents and a child.

Snickers for girls 12 years and older

So, in this article we will talk about unusual shoes. Snickers today are considered a trend. Such shoes like every girl. The thing is that the snickers became popular a few years ago, but despite this, they still do not leave the pages of fashion magazines, either from store shelves or from the desires of girls and girls. Thus, they do not give up their positions.

children's snickers for girls photosAlso, if you look at the idols of teenagers, thenthey are in everyday life are sneakers. This is also important for the girl. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of Sneakers. Well, what a little fashionista does not want to have the same stylish shoes as the famous singer Rihanna or Britney Spears, or maybe Jennifer Lopez?

What are Sneakers?

It is worth noting that originally such shoes hadflat sole. But in order to make the snickers really feminine, the designers came up with an absolutely new model that stood on the wedge. Of course, even though this shoe is considered sporty, it is not suitable for classes. But it is an excellent option for everyday life, for example, it can be worn for a walk, to meet with girlfriends and to other places. These shoes can be attributed to the style casual. In addition, the wedge is an excellent option to stretch out in growth, look slimmer.

snickers for the girl Snickers for a girl are a symbolstreet fashion. If in adults this kind of shoes will not cause wild delight, then for children it will mean that its owner understands fashion trends. Often you can see that schoolgirls prefer completely unfeminine, rough shoes, and snickers for a girl can be the reason for the beginning of the inculcation of elegance. Since they can be worn not only with jeans, but also with shorts, skirts, dresses.

Shoes not only for summer, but also for winter

Another plus of such shoes as snikers for the girl, is that it can be worn absolutely at any time of the year.

sneakers shoes for girlsThe summer version can be made of leather or frombreathable material, such as textiles. A winter usually has a warmed layer of artificial or natural fur, wool or felt, which makes the sneakers warm. Shoes for girls can be of different colors, there are no restrictions. Models can be either monochrome or multi-colored.

With what to wear?

With what can you combine child sneakers for girls(photo of which is presented in the article for an example)? In any weather the most unbeatable option will be a combination of sneakers with jeans-skinny or tight-fitting pants or leggings. Reduced bows can often be found on the streets of the city, because they allow themselves to feel liberated, free and comfortable. As for the top, then it can be different, both voluminous and tight. For example, if a girl wants to look feminine and gentle, then you should choose a turtleneck, T-shirt or blouse of a fitted cut.

sneakers for girls 12 years oldIf you choose a free sweater, sweetshot,shirt, it will make the image more playful, playful and a bit hooliganistic. If you choose a dress, it does not have to be knitted or sporty. The snickers are also suitable models of chiffon, which every girl or girl loves. The above images are considered acceptable for the urban style. So do not get hung up on jeans and think that dresses do not fit at all. And if you take into account the fact that all girls want to stand out and be in the center of attention, then with properly selected onions this can not be avoided. After all, with trendy shoes it's hard to stay in the shade.


In general, it is worth noting that you need from childhoodto vaccinate a child, especially a girl, not so much femininity, as falling in love with fashion. After all, modern fashion gives not only the opportunity to wear beautiful things, but also the ability to feel liberated, express their emotions in images, give a good mood to others.

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