Sleep "rat" - the interpretation of a dream

Many sources of sleep "rat" are associated with negative human qualities - such as baseness and meanness. However, there are dream books that believe that this dream is a symbol of good luck and fertility. Great importance for accurate interpretation is played by the circumstances of sleep and its emotional coloring.

Sleep ratMiller's Dream Book

Sleeping "rat" means that a person will be deceived or even beaten by their own neighbors. There may also be conflicts with companions. If the dreamer caught her in a dream, then in reality he would despise the baseness of people and defeat insidious enemies. To kill a rat is to emerge victorious from any position or situation.

Tsvetkova dream book

Sleep "rat" carries tears, grief and danger. A dream in which a person killed a given animal promises good luck. Moreover, the more the animal was, the more fate would favor the dreamer. As the dream book says, the white rat dreams of latent danger, disposition of unnecessary people and loyalty to questionable obligations.

Dreams whiteFrench dream book

This animal in a dream means that a person needs to be more attentive, because he has insidious enemies who seek to harm. Eating rat meat will triumph over evil, enemies, and danger.

Zhou-gunna dream book

The big rat symbolizes joyful events in life. If she bites the dreamer for clothes - to achieve their goals. Help, support and beneficial cooperation is what the white rat dreams about.

English dream book

Sleep rat symbolizes the enemy. The more animals there are, the more enemies the dreamer has. For a lover, a dream means a rival who has a great influence on the soulmate of the dreamer and will make every effort to take his place. This dream can also warn that someone pretending to be a friend will try to destroy the peace of mind, happiness and well-being of a person.

Winters dream

A rat is a hidden danger and a threat. This dream may indicate that the dreamer is an obscure foreboding of trouble. Someone from the inner circle is preparing to stick a knife in his back or may turn away in a critical situation.

Grishina dream book

A sleeping rat can symbolize the spiritual impurity, vile thoughts and bitterness of the dreamer or the hidden threat to him from friends. To kill an animal is a good sign, which means victory over enemies. To catch a rat - to great danger, there is - to trouble.

Why dream of a white ratWanderer dream book

A rat dreams of illness or a dangerous enemy. If it is white, then such a dream foreshadows the rapid enrichment of the dreamer with the help of dark forces, accompanied by temptation, greed and moral decline.

Denise Lynn Dream Book

This dream symbolizes a traitor. And they can be the dreamer himself. In any case, care must be taken. This animal can also mean low qualities that a person despises in himself or others.

Gypsy dream book

Sleeping rat means that a person has a hidden enemy who is actively working against him. Most often, he hides under the mask of a dreamman friend. A foe may not so much be malicious as learning the secrets of a person and using them for his own purposes.

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