Simple ideas for manicure at home

You never thought about what on nailscan I create a real masterpiece? Unique, original and unique. But you can. Moreover, all this can be done independently at home, having only handy materials at hand. For this, you do not even need to be able to draw beautifully. Ideas for manicure at home can be taken from the head or peep in the magazine.

ideas for manicure at homeManicure by the newspaper

It would seem that the common between the newspaper and nails? And yet it is compatible. With the help of the newspaper you can create a real masterpiece without much effort. It is necessary:

  • a piece of newspaper with inscriptions,
  • alcohol,
  • varnish is transparent,
  • varnish color,
  • base for lacquer,
  • tweezers.

So, ideas for manicure at home withusing the newspaper. Apply the substrate to the varnish, wait until it dries completely. Then paint the nails in the desired color, but not too dark, otherwise the inscriptions will not be visible. In alcohol tweezers gently lower the scraps of the newspaper. They should be cut about the size of a fingernail. In alcohol it is necessary to hold no more than a minute, then gently transfer the newspaper to the nails and press it. It is not recommended to do this with your fingers, you can grease the picture. Better lint-free napkin. Press it for only a few seconds, and then remove. Newspaper labels will be transferred to the nails, after which you can apply a colorless varnish or fixer.

ideas for home manicureLace

Ideas for manicure at home can beembody and with the help of lace. You can buy them in the store for nail art or in sewing. It is important that the laces are small. They are applied simply. You will need a base for varnish, color and fixer. Pre-lace scissors are cut out of a suitable size under the fingernails. After the color lacquer is applied, you need to gently press the lace and cover them with a fixer. If the first time did not work, you can try another method. On the dried up colored varnish put glue for nails and fasten laces. Ideas for a home manicure are not limited to simply attaching such a braid. It can not just be cut out, but also to decorate or add some decorative elements. It can be feathers, rhinestones, stickers, drawings. Each element is added in its own way. For example, rhinestones are fastened to laces, and stickers and drawings - for lace.

ideas of summer manicure 2013Manicure with water

Ideas for manicure at home can beand varnish with water. Everything is extremely simple. Beforehand, lubricate the side rollers and the cuticle with a fat cream. It is important not to get on the nail plate, otherwise the picture will not end up in the end. A lacquer of the same color drips into warm water, then another. The flowers can be from two to five or six, if desired. With a thin needle, the droplets are carefully stretched in different directions, an unusual pattern is formed. Then the nail is immersed in water and is taken out in the middle of this drawing. The varnish must be thick, otherwise it will not stretch and it will not lie down. Each finger is covered separately. It's long, but it's worth it. The finished pattern is simply covered with a fixer. If desired, you can add a paint or paint. Then you need to fix the whole picture in the end.

The ideas of the summer manicure of 2013 were replenished with suchvariants, like artistic painting on different subjects. If you can not do it yourself, but you do not have enough skills, you can apply to the salon to the master or register for courses. Naturally, do not neglect the video lessons. In addition to the described methods, there are many other options for decorating the nails themselves.

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