Sights of Tel Aviv. What to see, where to visit in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv has always attracted people from all over the world. This is a city in which you want to come countless times. Many mistakenly believe it is not. It is the second largest and largest in the country. This is the most important cultural, economic center after Jerusalem. The city was founded in 1909, so the sights of Tel Aviv are very young and not as diverse as, for example, European.

sights of Tel Aviv

Major Attractions

This is an unusually dynamic city with beautiful cafes and restaurants, hotels, modern shopping centers. Life is in full swing here day and night. Everything in the city is thought out in such a way that every traveler feels comfortable and at ease. Here you can leisurely stroll through the picturesque waterfront, wander through the largest bazaar in the entire Middle East.The main attractions of Tel Aviv are the Eretz Israel Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Jewish Diaspora. It housed the majority of national theaters, including the Opera Theater. It is in Tel Aviv is the Concert Hall of the Philharmonic of the country. There are many places of great historical value in the city: gardens in Abu Kabir, White City, Botanical Garden. In Tel Aviv, there are several areas that always attract the attention of travelers: Rabin, Kikar ha-Medina and Dizengorf.

Tel Aviv Center

Where to go?

Sights of Tel Aviv, which are definitely worth seeing:

  • Port city of Jaffa.The place is one of the most ancient settlements in the world and holds many unsolved mysteries. There is a legend according to which in the city of Jaffa Noah built his ark. The return of the Jews to Israel began precisely from this place. According to another legend, Perseus saved the beautiful Andromeda here. Today Jaffa is rebuilt and restored. This is a large tourist center, which has retained its historical identity.
  • Neve-Tzedek.One of the most popular attractions of the city.The name of this area is translated from Hebrew as "an oasis of justice." The most romantic place in all of Tel Aviv
  • Park "Tsarapi."Sights of Tel Aviv will be interesting for children. So, safari-, or "tsarapi" -park will meet its guests with thickets of palm trees, banana and other trees. Guests can not just watch the animals in the conditions of the zoo, but also take part in a safari tour. The park is divided into several zones: a circus of parrots, a bird park, a separate area for feeding animals, a territory for reptiles, a pavilion designed for newborn animals. And also children are waited by "dzunga-dzunga" - the village in the African style with labyrinths, trampolines and other entertainments.

where to go to tel aviv

Tel Aviv Airport

Ben-Gurion and Sve-Dov are two international airports of the city. David Ben-Gurion, named after one of the country's first prime ministers, is the main Israeli airport. Thanks to the work of the special services and the ideal security system, he is recognized as the safest in the world. Three times recognized as the best in the category "comfort for the passenger."

tel aviv airport

There are three terminals here.Visitors should take into account that the domestic airport terminal is located far enough from the international one - at a distance of almost four kilometers. There are buses between them that do not have a strict timetable. They focus on the arrival of aircraft from Eilat. In this regard, the waiting for transport can be from 10 to 30 minutes. Getting to Tel Aviv airport is possible in any convenient way: by bus, train or taxi. Trains depart every 20 minutes during the day and every hour at night. Taxi runs around the clock without breaks on Shabbat or holidays. Buses from the hotel to the city are delivered in about 50 minutes, luggage is carried free of charge.

Sea and beaches

The most important attraction of Tel Aviv - of course, the sea. It is believed that the best places for recreation are located in the northern part of the city. For example, the beach "Gordon", included in the world top ten, has become a favorite not only among tourists, but also among the Israelis themselves. Almost all the beaches of Tel Aviv are very clean and well-groomed, with white sand. They are free and open to anyone. For tourists there is everything you need: sun beds, awnings, fountains with drinking water, showers, as well as lifeguard services and emergency medical services.Those who prefer an active beach holiday, have chosen "Frishman", "Bugrashov" - these are the centers of beach football and volleyball. Aviv is ideal for those who like to jump and have fun on the waves, because here they are very tangible.

Tel Aviv beaches

The beaches of Tel Aviv attract with their kind, relaxed atmosphere, there is no intrusive service, a crowd of holidaymakers, excessive zeal of rescue services. Despite the fact that the season lasts from May to October, the beaches operate year-round.

Azrieli Center

Tel Aviv is also the largest business center in the country. There are modern luxury shopping complexes and business centers. The offices of large companies are also located, symposia, conferences and exhibitions are regularly held. The cult towers of Azrieli became a cult place and symbol of the city. Round has a height of 187 meters - this is the tallest building in the city. The triangular tower with a height of 169 m, square - 154 m. This is the best shopping center in Tel Aviv. There are many offices, a sports club with a swimming pool and a hotel. In Azrieli, you will find everything from home goods to branded items and food products.On the 49th floor there is a restaurant, which offers a stunning view of the city and its surroundings.


This is the largest and most famous market of the city, stretching from Magen David Square to Carmelit Bus Station. Not only tourists come here, but also locals. Here is a huge range of products and you can find all sorts of strange objects. For souvenirs it is best to go here, as a rule, prices in this market are much lower than anywhere else in Tel Aviv. And the best time to shop when prices are almost halved - on the eve of Shabbat, this is the second half of Friday.

Where to go in Tel Aviv

In every major city there are always several places that convey its atmosphere and mood, and Tel Aviv is no exception. Of course, the main attraction for most tourists are the beaches of the city. However, it was not because of them that he received the status of an economic and cultural capital. Interesting places to visit, besides the main attractions, are Mitham HaTahan (the oldest railway station), Suzanne Dalal Center (the city’s dance center, recognized as the largest), Rothschild Boulevard (a popular place with bars,restaurants, here is the famous bar "Max Brenner") and "Aroma" (the largest and most famous chain of cafes in the whole country).

Tel Aviv streets


It does not matter whether you are a vegetarian, a meat-eater, a vegan, in this city you can always find a restaurant to your liking. The streets of Tel Aviv are filled with cafes, bars for all tastes, you will find African, European restaurants, American eateries, try Asian and local specialties. For example, the inexpensive Tamara mini-restaurant, the Dizengof Center shopping center with numerous cafes, the simple Abe Gil restaurant - the food here is considered the best in the city, Itzik & Ruthie`s Sandwich is the famous sandwich bar in the heart of the city.

Tel Aviv is very diverse and attractive, for some it is a place for first-class parties, for others it is an ideal family holiday and cultural pastime. But, despite all its modernity, it is imbued with history, which makes it unique and inimitable.

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Sights of Tel Aviv. What to see, where to visit in Tel Aviv 44

Sights of Tel Aviv. What to see, where to visit in Tel Aviv 71

Sights of Tel Aviv. What to see, where to visit in Tel Aviv 7

Sights of Tel Aviv. What to see, where to visit in Tel Aviv 43

Sights of Tel Aviv. What to see, where to visit in Tel Aviv 37

Sights of Tel Aviv. What to see, where to visit in Tel Aviv 41

Sights of Tel Aviv. What to see, where to visit in Tel Aviv 6

Sights of Tel Aviv. What to see, where to visit in Tel Aviv 79