Sights of Montenegro: photos and reviews of tourists. Montenegro attractions rating

Montenegro is famous for its rich culture and ancient history. The excursion program here can be very rich. You are waiting for the beautiful ancient cities of Budva, Kotor, Ulcinj, Bar and many others. In this small country you can also see deep canyons, nature reserves, glacial lakes. Numerous sights of Montenegro will undoubtedly amaze you with its grandeur and beauty.

Montenegro attractions

Budva fashionable

On the Montenegrin Adriatic coast is not to find a more beautiful city than Budva. Its history begins from the 5th century BC. Here you can find medieval monuments, ancient winding streets, charming Mediterranean-style houses, small town squares, where old stonework is preserved and hundreds of other places that amaze with their colorful.Many tourists unequivocally claim that the best resort that Montenegro can offer is Budva! Sights of the city and a myriad of entertainment made this city incredibly popular.

Very comfortable to relax in the "Budva Riviera." So called the coastline from Petrovac to Budva, there are many cozy bays, dozens of resort towns, small shops, cozy cafes, luxurious beaches and small islands. You will certainly enjoy Montenegro. Budva, the sights of which can be seen at every turn, is always full of tourists. No wonder it is often called the “Montenegrin Miami”, because the beaches of this resort are crowded.

Royal Holiday

Budva attracts foreigners with its luxury resorts Milocer and Sveti Stefan. By the way, Milocer is famous for its huge botanical garden and the famous “Queen’s Beach”. This resort has many apartments crowned heads and celebrities. For example, the Queen of England Elizabeth II, Queen Christina of the Netherlands, the Italian king Umberto II and others got here.

What tourists need to know?

Many travelers are attracted by Montenegro.Sights, reviews of which are mostly positive, are worth seeing with my own eyes. But, for example, in Budva there is one small problem. As many tourists say, it’s quite difficult to find a normal public toilet in the city. Another inconvenience - to find a trash can is also problematic, therefore, being in the Old City, you will have to carry the garbage with you.Montenegro Budva attractions

Unsurpassed Kotor

In the north-west of the country, in the depths of the long and narrow Boko Bay, which looks more like a fjord, lies the picturesque resort of Kotor. It is literally crammed into a small land triangle between the river Shkurdoy, Mount St. John and the coastline of the bay. Kotor, of course, can not boast a large number of spacious and luxurious beaches. All the beaches are within the city limits, but the stunning landscapes of the surroundings and the medieval atmosphere of the city attract thousands of tourists here.

Kotor has its history since the 12th century, the city has preserved many architectural relics. Here are the most famous ones: the Cathedral of St. Tryphon (12th century), the Ducal Palace (18th century), the Church of St. Clara (17th century), the Church of St. Mary (13th century), the Church of St. Luke (12th century), the Church of St. Michael ( 15th century).The masterpieces of medieval architecture are located in this city literally every 200-300 meters. In 1979, all of these Montenegrin sights were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In the old part of Kotor it is impossible to move by motor vehicles, so that the exhaust gases do not spoil the unique look of the old buildings.

All architectural objects in this city deserve special attention. Kotor begins with the walls of the 16-18 century, which rise straight out of the water and reach 250 meters in height. The city gates, built in the 16th century from huge stone blocks, have survived to this day. Their right side is decorated with an exclusive Gothic pattern. In 1539, the gates of Gurdich were built in Kotor, they were separated from the road by an ancient drawbridge.

Note for travelers

How many faces of Kotor (Montenegro)! The sights of this resort will amaze with its magnificence. However, it is worth noting that not all the old princely palaces are accessible to tourists. You can freely enter only in Gregurin, built in the XVIII century. Moreover, it is available only because the Maritime Museum of Montenegro is located here.You can get to the museum from 9:00 to 18:00, entrance costs 1 euro. The rest of the architectural masterpieces can only be admired from afar.Montenegro Tivat attractions

Handsome tivat

Tivat is considered the youngest resort in Montenegro. The status of the city he received in 1889. Before that, Tivat was a small village where noble families from Kotor preferred to relax.

The city began to actively develop in 1971, during this period Tivat International Airport was founded. An unprecedented influx of tourists began to be observed in the city, since acquaintance with Montenegro began precisely from this settlement. In this regard, the resort infrastructure has developed rapidly. Now Tivat takes about 9 thousand tourists a year.

This town is located on the peninsula Vrmats, and from three sides it is washed by the waters of the Boko-Kotor Bay. One of the legends says that this place received its name from the name of the Illyrian queen Teuta, this notable person often rested on the local luxurious beaches. In the 14th and 15th centuries Tivat gained even more popularity due to the fact that the residence of the Metropolitan in the monastery of Archangel Michael was located on the island of Miholska Prevlaka near the city.This island is now better known as the Island of Flowers. From the old monastery there are now only ruins left, but tourists are more attracted by the beautiful sandy beach.

Well, how can you not fall in love with such a wonderful country like Montenegro? Tivat, the sights of other cities can not leave you indifferent. From the most prominent places of Tivat stands out the Botanical Garden and the Bucha Palace.

The beautiful garden was grown thanks to the efforts of the local population. It grows a lot of exotic plants that were brought by sailors from long voyages. The entrance to the garden is absolutely free.

Bucha Palace is located in the city center. It was built as a summer residence by the Kotor grandees Michael and Nikolay Bucha in the 15th century. The building is made in the Roman-Gothic style and consists of 5 structures. Among them, the most interesting is the chapel of St. Michael and the residential building. In one of the premises of the mansion there is a city art museum.

Tourists have long been attracted to Montenegro. Tivat, whose attractions are very closely concentrated, can also boast beautiful beaches.True, in the city there are only two - Zupa and Belane. But on the coast of the peninsula Vrmatz and the islands of Flowers, Otok, and St. Mark are just a dime a dozen. All of them are mostly sandy, but there is one pebble beach - Krasici.

To see other sights of Montenegro, you can go on a sightseeing trip by boat on the Boko-Kotor Bay. Such a cruise includes visiting such ancient cities as Risan, Perast, Kotor, etc.montenegro sights reviews

Friendly Petrovac

17 km from the town of Budva is the city of Petrovac. This resort is located on the shore of a beautiful bay and is surrounded by olive groves and dense pine forests. All this creates a unique microclimate in Petrovac.

The atmosphere of this place is distinguished by goodwill and tranquility. It is good to relax with children here. Noisy parties and riotous shows in Petrovac are not satisfied. All restaurants and clubs are open until midnight. In the morning, from the miniature chapel that is located on one of the islands off the coast, the melodious sound of a bell chime can be heard.

Venetian fortress and water fun

What else can please Petrovac (Montenegro)? The sights of the village are, first of all, its beaches. They are small-peeled at the resort.The most popular are the city beach (about 2 km in length) and the beach Lučice. The sea near the coast is clear, but the depth increases very rapidly. Already at a distance of 3-4 meters from the coast below you will not feel. All beaches are well landscaped by European standards. At your service are shower cabins, umbrellas, sun beds, a bar, changing rooms.Montenegro attractions

There will be no problems with the choice of hotels either. Vacationers can settle in a hotel or rent a villa or a room with individuals. You will certainly enjoy delicious fish dishes, fruit desserts, pizza, sweets and other gastronomic delights that are served in local restaurants.

In addition to questions about accommodation, many, of course, are interested in the sights of Montenegro. Reviews of tourists about Petrovac are mostly enthusiastic. There are many architectural monuments of past times. But the pearl of the resort can be called the Venetian fortress, it now houses a restaurant, a glass pavilion with a unique Roman mosaic and a nightclub. Do not forget to visit the Catholic Church and the monastery, which is located near the city.

Petrovac is not only fascinating excursions, but also a large number of entertainment.Especially tourists prefer the waterslide Lucice and diving in the coastal waters of the Adriatic Sea. You can also go on a cruise on a boat with a transparent bottom to the island of St. Stephen, ride a jet ski, catamaran. For fans of outdoor sports we offer to play ping-pong, tennis, beach volleyball. Theatrical performances are often arranged for children in the city. From Petrovac you can easily reach other cities of Montenegro: Bar, Budva, Cetinje, Niksic, Becici.Cetinje Montenegro sights

Cetinje (Montenegro): attractions

At the foot of Mount Lovcen, the city of Cetinje, which is recognized as the cultural capital of Montenegro, hid. Without exaggeration, this place can be called a treasury of Montenegrin history. Tourists are attracted by old manors and temples.

Cetinje has a pretty good location. It is famous for its legendary Cetinje monastery, founded in 1484. It was from this period that the most important stage in the spread of Orthodoxy began in this region. Hundreds of Christian pilgrims come here every year.

Cultural heritage

In the narrow streets of the historical part of the city, modern buildings and objects peacefully coexist, which have already turned several hundred years old.In Cetinje is the Presidential Palace, which is guarded by guards in parade uniforms. We also recommend you to pay attention to the Royal Theater, the Blue Palace, the Palace Fortress and many other objects.

The city contains unique sights of Montenegro. However, if you are going for entertainment, it is better to choose another resort. Here you can restrict yourself to a tour of the old architectural monuments, a walk to the slopes of the Lovcen mountain and a beach holiday.Montenegro attractions

Magic is near

Montenegro is a kaleidoscope of majestic architectural structures. You can not only take a closer look at the history of this amazing country, but also enjoy swimming in the gentle waters of the Adriatic Sea. If you want to have fun on the glory, then your choice - Budva or Tivat. If you need a more peaceful rest, then it is better to give preference to Cetinje or Petrovac. But in general, you just can not like Montenegro. Cities whose attractions attract hundreds of travelers will surely amaze you with their charm and originality.

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