Kindergarten, of course, is not a catwalk to send a baby there in design exclusives, but not a barracks - too ascetic equipment should not be too. In preparation for entering the kindergarten, parents should review the wardrobe of their offspring and think about how to supplement it so that the child has enough things for all occasions.

How to collect a child in the garden

The list of clothes may vary depending on the age of the child. Of course, the baby from the nursery group will need more interchangeable panties (preferably, the baby has at least 15 of them, and in the garden cabinet the mother leaves 4-5 panties daily), shirts or dresses. A pupil of the middle or senior group does not need such a quantity of changeable linen, but for such children it is necessary to choose the style of clothes more carefully - they should like the child. By the way, the online store of children's clothes can help with this - it is much more convenient to choose clothes, comfortably sitting together with the kid at the computer, than carrying a tired child for sales and shopping centers.

What we pay attention to when choosing clothes for the garden?

- It must be from natural materials. Cotton jersey, batiste, chiffon, linen, chintz, poplin - we say all this decisive "yes." By the way, for knitwear says that he stretches - the knitwear of a fast-growing child carries a little longer.
It is worth ordering baby clothes in the online storeIt is worth ordering baby clothes in the online store
- Clothing must comply with the microclimate in the group. Ask your caregiver what temperature is usually in the room, where the child will be, how often it is ventilated. If the garden is usually warm, enter more light things into the child’s wardrobe, if it is cool, it should be able to “warm up”.
- Choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off. This will make life easier not only for your baby, but also for a nurse with a caregiver. We choose zippers, velcro, buttons, we prefer skirts and trousers with elastic. We try to abandon buttons, laces and original designer clasps.
- It is desirable that the clothes were difficult to stain and easy to wash. Also try to find a reasonable middle ground between “unmarked” boring flowers and bright pictures that your child likes.

List of clothes for kindergarten

Buy a baby 5-7 shirts, 10-15 shorts, 7-10 pairs of socks (golfiki) and tights. Stock up on 7-10 T-shirts with short and 5-7 T-shirts with long sleeves. In the wardrobe of the girl, at least 3-5 dresses and sundresses are desirable. Shirts, turtlenecks, blouses - 3-5 pieces each. Skirts or trousers (by the way, instead of trousers, overalls are very good for kindergarteners) - from two to five. For the holidays, you will need at least one “princess” dress for the girl and a set of white shirts, trousers and a tie for the boy.
Garden wearGarden wear
For walks - windbreaker, sweater or cardigan, raincoat, jacket for the season. For classes in dancing and physical education, the form is determined by the educators; in the younger groups of children, they may not change clothes for this. As a rule, kids sleep in a garden in shorts and T-shirts, but if your child is used to sleeping in a nightgown or pajamas, then this piece of clothing should also be left in the garden - otherwise the baby may just not fall asleep. Do not forget about hats. In the summer, children should wear panama hats (kerchiefs, caps), in the fall and winter - appropriate for the season hats.

Should I sign clothes in kindergarten

Do you put tags on the clothes you leave in the locker for the shift? If your baby knows his stuff well, you can not do this.If you are afraid that the clothes will be mixed up, you can sign it with an indelible marker, embroider the initials of the baby on the clothes, use thermophilic stickers or the same applications.

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