Should I buy a car?

Of course, everything in the world has its own "pluses" and "minuses". So with the acquisition of the car. On the one hand, now you are forced to spend money on gasoline, undergo inspection, look for a place to park. On the other hand, you have unparalleled freedom of movement. And not only.

  • With the acquisition of the car there are more opportunities, because you get the freedom of movement. You are no longer dependent on public transport, do not adapt to the schedule of electric trains and do not freeze at stops. On your car you can go on nature, fishing, shopping and at any time.
  • Implementing your plans without personal transport is somewhat more difficult. You already depend on the availability of tickets for the bus or train, you have to ask for the help of your relatives and friends.
  • For many, the car has become a means of earning or an element of their work. For some people, their car is the main source of income, so they choose a mobile, economical city-class car.
  • For a large family and families with small children, the question of why to buy a car will even be inappropriate.Children grow up and need to be taken to kindergartens and schools, sports clubs or other clubs. A car is a must. Family car lovers fit generalists or hatchbacks.

Thinking about buying a car, immediately a lot of questions arise: is it worth buying a car? Which one is better? Is it expensive to maintain? Will I buy a new car or should I look at a used model? Can you trust Chinese cars? This is normal, because buying a car, the buyer must be sure that it meets his requirements or he will not be satisfied with his purchase. Let's look at Chinese cars and cars that were already in use. How should trust more?

Chinese cars

Chinese cars in Russia have not received much distribution and this is not surprising, there are several aspects that are not satisfied with many buyers.

- Metal Chinese cars of poor quality. - The use of low-quality raw materials greatly reduces the quality of the machine. - Trim and plastic is also of poor quality. Strong smell of cheap Chinese plastic. - There are gaps body parts. - The build quality of assemblies and components leaves much to be desired.- Price. Previously, it was possible to buy a Chinese car with air conditioning, radio, leather interior for ridiculous money, but now prices are rising, and the quality behind them is clearly not keeping pace. - The new Chinese cars are not very trusted by the consumer, due to their reputation. - It will be quite difficult to sell a Chinese car, its cost is decreasing every year by 20-25%. Are you still thinking whether to buy a Chinese car? I think the answer is obvious.

Used car

If buying a new car for you is not yet possible, then consider buying a used car. Not everyone can competently purchase a used car, it is important to know what is worth a closer look.

  • Do not naively believe everything that the seller says. If he wants to quickly sell you a car, and even more expensive, it is worth considering, perhaps there is some kind of trick.
  • The main indicators of the car are mileage and age, and they determine its value. The greater the mileage of the car, the greater the wear and tear on the car. But if the car in 1996 with a mileage of only 60 thousand km, then it is worth considering whether it was idle in the garage, or the seller turned the mileage indicators.
  • When buying a used car, ask the seller whether the car being sold was a member of an accident. After all, the damage after an accident can be different, and having bought such a car, you will have to restore it and carry out the necessary repairs. Before buying a car, carefully inspect it for scratches, irregularities or dents.
  • Ask the seller whether the machine has been repaired and why. If the former owner did not maintain his car for a long time, then most likely you will have to make at least minimal repairs.
  • Taking a used car, take a person with you who understands cars. He will be able to give a third party opinion and give advice on whether to buy a used car.

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