For the transportation of equipment you need a reliable company that provides a guarantee for timely delivery. Advise me, where can I contact in Simfiropol with such a question?
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Answered on June 12, 20:26
There are a lot of different companies that transport goods, so it’s not easy to find the right option. When you select a company, I advise you to find out about the availability of a certificate, which will give you an additional guarantee for quality and timely delivery.
Answered on June 12, 20:36
I totally agree with you about the certificate. Any serious company should have such a document in place. I can advise you in Simfiropol on such a company as a Partner, it is engaged in cargo transportation throughout Russia. You can read reviews about this company here on this site.
Answered on June 12 20:48
And I believe that for the reliability of safety and timely delivery for the carriage of goods you need to send your employee to accompany the cargo. So you will avoid many problems that may arise on the road.
Misha rivers
Misha rivers
Answered on October 2 05:35
I can take Nizhny Novgorod TC 1st Transport as reliable. The company has excellent guys who transport my cargoes quickly and efficiently from Ekaterinburg to Samara, and at a reasonable price.

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