Sewerage at the cottage

Tired of going to the need of a restroom on the street, for a long time my husband and I had been discussing the question of holding a sewer in the house. There is a room under the toilet and a shower in the house, it remains to determine the cleaning system. Maybe someone recently dealt with this issue in St. Petersburg?
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Answered on April 30 09:39
Choose such a cleaning system, which includes the main types of cleaning, it is usually mechanical, chemical and biological, then you will not have problems with sewage treatment, and the soil will not suffer.
Answered on April 30 09:47
We have in the country in addition to the toilet and shower, a bath has been added separately, and now we are also at the stage of choosing a septic tank. The problem with us is that from time to time the light is turned off in our village. Therefore, we are looking for a cleaning station that can serve several buildings, and even work for some time without electricity. Familiar plumber, advised to pay attention to the sewage system KoloVessi, look may suit you
Answered on April 30 09:55
We also ran to the toilet for a long time outside, in the summer still nothing. But at the beginning of the summer season and at the end it was cold. Therefore, we bought a bio-toilet, for giving it is quite suitable.

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