Sewage pipe for sewage in a private house: diameter, installation, replacement

The sewage pipe is an element that connects the sewage system with the atmosphere. It is used to eliminate the occurrence of a vacuum above falling. As a result, you can see how the water leaves the toilet, as well as the sink with a squish. If the building has one floor, plastic or cast iron pipes are not used when installing sewer systems, for the reason that the one-time volume of drains is not so large.

Pipe diameters

fun pipe

A toilet pipe pipe is used when, at a certain point, a one-time drain completely overlaps the pipe section. If we are talking about a private house, this is the maximum possible value is reached at the moment when the water leaves the bath or toilet. In the latter case, a pipe is always used, the diameter of which is 110 millimeters, since the diameter of the opening for running the drain tank is 70 millimeters and does not exceed 110 millimeters.Thus, the flow of water from the toilet is not able to block the riser with a diameter of 110 millimeters. Sewerage, which goes into the bathroom, as a rule, has a diameter of 50 millimeters. This element goes into the riser. The diameter of the latter is 110 millimeters. One-time drains of other devices are so small that they do not significantly affect the situation. If there are several bathrooms in the house, and they are used at the same time, the picture may change significantly, and the dimensions of the gas risers will be different.

The need to use a fun pipe

sewage pipe

A toilet pipe serves as an indispensable element of ventilation in some cases. This applies to homes that have more than two residential levels, each of which has water supply and sewage. It is true for buildings, sewers in which have a diameter of 50 millimeters.

Selected cases

installation of a funnel

This element is used in the case when the house has a pool or other equipment that releases significant one-time drains into the sewage system. The latter case is expressed in autonomous sewers, which are located directly next to the house.After the master has determined for himself what a fan pipe is, when installing it, it is necessary to follow certain rules.

Specialist recommendations

replacement of the funnel pipe

When a fan pipe is installed, regardless of the material that underlies it, the diameter should be larger or equivalent to the diameter of the riser, and the restriction on which the pipe is installed is unacceptable. This element for the toilet bowl must end in the zone from which the unpleasant smell is capable of escaping into the atmosphere, most often it is about 50 centimeters from the ridge of the roof.

Installation of fun pipes

private pipe in a private house

A sewer pipe is usually made using pipes of the appropriate diameter. They are represented by a continuation of the risers and are completed by entering into a channel designed for ventilation of sewers. In some cases, these elements lead through the wall horizontally. This is true in cases where the ventilation ducts are in insufficient quantities in the house. A sanitary pipe for sewage can solve the problem of foreign odor in the bathroom, as well as the problem of the normal functioning of the sewage system and good ventilation.This may be due to insufficient dimensions of the siphons of sanitary appliances, as well as the fact that they form an unnecessarily small water trap. If the floor drain or plumbing fixture of a shower cabin has not been used for several days, this may cause the water trap to dry and sewer air to enter. At the same time, the installation of a funnel pipe solves the question of the need for air exhaustion, as well as ventilation of the sewage system. When the air rises into the atmosphere through the riser, a slight vacuum occurs, which prevents the penetration of air into the bathroom, from which it can escape into the atmosphere. According to the standards, the installation of the pipe should be carried out in a warm room, which helps in solving this issue and insulating the pipe. If the fan pipe freezes, then the evaporation is not so effective. This leads to the fact that for 1 year of operation it is covered with bloom. In order to exclude the return of sewage to the house from the sewer, the sewer pipe must be equipped with a check valve. It has a lid and is installed in the drain pipe after installing the toilet bowl.

Recommendations for installation behavior

fan pipe diameter

Initially, when replacing pipes, it is necessary to dismantle the sewer system, eliminating cast iron products, and also replacing them with plastic ones. These works are carried out by disconnecting the riser and further connecting the elements. If you install a fan pipe in a private house, before dismantling it is necessary to consult a specialist if this work on the replacement of sewage elements made of cast iron with plastic causes a reduction in the standard strength. It is necessary to start installing the fan element from the lower point of rigidity, which is located in the main riser. If we are talking about a private house, the installation should begin with a foundation. When working with bearing structures, it is necessary to make holes and mount the pipe, fixing it with special clamps, which can be purchased in the store. After the plumbing will be in its final place, a toilet outlet should be brought to the toilet.

Features of the installation

house pipe

If you will be replacing the fan pipe, then using the flexible element the wizard may experience some difficulties when connecting to steel pipes.In this case, the O-rings in advance should be lubricated with liquid soap, which facilitates the entry of the element. The most preferable for carrying out these manipulations is to use silicone, which will allow to seal the joints and does not imply the necessity of applying a large amount of effort. When installing the pipe, it is necessary to use exclusively steel clamps, which guarantee the reliability of the whole structure, and also allow to exclude deviations from the marking line, which arise during the assembly. The hairpin on the steel yoke has a helical structure, which guarantees an accurate adjustment of the connected elements. The fan pipe in the house must be soundproofed, for which you can use a foam or mineral plate. The first option is simpler to use, but will not allow, if necessary, dismantling, to set the structure back, which does not act as a critical moment for an uncomplicated system.

Implementation of the replacement pipe funa

A waste pipe whose diameter was mentioned above may suggest the need for repairs.At the same time, the parameters of the pipe on which installation is carried out must be greater or equal. The end of the element must be positioned in such a way as to ensure that the odor is removed by the wind. The pipe must be laid first in a warm room, and then in a cold zone, since the temperature difference will create the necessary pressure drops, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the system. The vacuum tube can be repaired by attaching to a single riser, while other valves can have vacuum valves installed, which are rubber seals having springs. The functioning system will create a vacuum in the valve, eventually it will open, sucking the air in itself. After the pressure has been leveled, the valve will be closed and thereby prevent the odor from escaping.


Before starting work, the master should be aware of what the fan pipe is for, as well as how it is installed. It is important not only to install this element, but also to replace the existing cast-iron pipes with plastic ones, which have more impressive smoothness from the inside, excluding deposits of sewage on the inner surface.After all, this can lead to blockages, which is very undesirable and will require the need for additional cleaning, which sometimes must be carried out with the help of specialists and for a fee. That is why it is important to use modern materials.

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